Durable & Modern Aluminium Bi Fold Gates Handmade in Scotland

If you want a new gate for your driveway entrance, you can’t go wrong with bi fold gates made from aluminium — an exceptionally robust material that can withstand harsh weather without any serious maintenance required.

Not only do aluminium bi fold gates look good and last last longer than other types of gates, they are also lighter compared to most gates, which makes them easy to operate.

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Benefits of our Bi Fold Driveway Gates

There are many reasons why people opt for bi folding driveway gates over traditional options like swing gates or sliding gates. Not only do bi fold gates offer an interesting design for driveways, but they also work in smaller driveway entrances.

But that’s just two of their major benefits. Other benefits of aluminium bi fold gates include:

Optimal Safety & Security

One of the most important reasons why it’s necessary to install a driveway gate or upgrade your existing one is for safety and security purposes. Aluminium is one of the strongest materials we use to manufacture automatic and manual bi fold driveway gates.

With enhanced security and perimeter control, gates made from aluminium can deliver exceptional performance that won’t let you down.

If you choose to have an aluminium bi fold gate installed, you can rest assured that everything within your premises, whether it’s your house or business, will be safer.

More Privacy & Easy Access Control

Bi fold gates for driveways can be designed with posts and enclose the open space on your premises for extra privacy. You can choose the design and measurements, including height, length, and width to make a bi fold driveway gate fit your property. This allows you to adjust the gate design based on your privacy needs.

Both manual and automatic folding gates are very lightweight and, for this reason, are easier to control. With easy access control, a folding gate for a driveway is also very convenient.

Enhanced Curbside Appeal & Property Value

A driveway entrance gate is one of the first things people notice when looking at your house or business, which is why you should consider a few different options before ordering your new gate.

Aluminium bi folding gates are very stylish and resilient, but also enhance the security of your premises, which adds value to your property. Since bi fold gates can improve your property’s appearance, they can also help attract more customers to businesses.

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Types of Bi Folding Gates

We have a wide range of aluminium bi folding driveway gates in various sizes, with and without gate automation mechanisms, in our showroom. We also have an option for you to work with us to design and custom make the gate of your dreams.

Automatic Bi Fold Gates

One of the biggest reasons why some may prefer an automatic folding driveway gate over a manual option is that it is convenient. Gate automation improves security, provides easy access control, and saves time as it allows you to open the gate from anywhere, without having to walk to the gate and physically open it.

Since our automatic bi fold gates are made from aluminium, they are also very lightweight and won’t put any strain on gate motors, which saves you money on maintenance costs in the long term.

Manual Bi Fold Gates

A manual gate with an aluminium gate frame can enhance your property’s appearance and improve privacy and security without costing too much. Although automated gates are more convenient to operate than manual gates, many still prefer the manual option as it is more affordable to install and maintain.

Bi folding manual gates can be locked, which allows you to control the opening and closing of the gate, including who can access your property. With good quality finishes, you can also extend the longevity of your new gate.

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Features of Folding Driveway Gates

Our bi folding gates are made to fit any driveway entrance, including sloping driveways. With durability in mind, we use the highest quality materials and protective finishes to ensure the gate’s strength and look is maintained for a very long time.

Strong, Low Maintenance Materials

We use aluminium cladding for our metal framed bi folding gates. Not only is it a top quality material, but it is durable and lightweight, making it easy to maintain and control. For added protection and longevity, we also finish the metal frame, hinges, and posts of each aluminium gate with hot dip galvanisation or powder coating.

Stylish Designs with Custom Finishes

Aluminium gates are completely maintenance free (apart from washing!). We can supply bi folding gates made from aluminium only or use a combination of steel and aluminium for various situations in a style that suits your property.

Our gates are galvanised as standard, but to avoid any type of maintenance, we offer the option to powder coat your gate too.

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Gates Scotland: A Trusted Bi Fold Gates Supplier in Scotland, UK

We are trusted gate manufacturers and suppliers in Glasgow, Scotland providing a variety of services, such as gate design, fabrication and installation. Our modern aluminium bi folding gates, and the other gates in our range, are available in a wide range of designs and sizes to ensure you get a gate that fulfils your exact measurements and needs.

Full Supply & Installation Packages

At Gates Scotland, we offer full supply and installation packages to ensure your bi folding gates are provided with the right security setup, including keypads and GSM intercoms, and are set up in a way that works for your space and won’t require servicing over time.

Free Consultation & Gate Design Services

Along with our wide range of standard gate frame designs and sizes, we can also custom make your new bi folding gate according to your vision. We work with our customers to understand the exact look, size, and finishes they want and make the bi fold gate accordingly.

We provide standard 2D modelling and additional 3D CAD drawing services to give customers an idea of what their aluminium bi fold gate will look like. This service will provide peace of mind and ensure we manufacture and install a gate that meets your expectations.

Ordering & Delivery

We design, supply, and install manual and electric gates throughout the UK and offer reliable delivery for existing and custom aluminium bi folding gates.

To find the right aluminium gate for your requirements, email us at info@gates-scotland.co.uk or call us on 01698 629039 for advice today!

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