Robust Metal Framed Composite Cladded Sliding Gates

Are you looking for metal framed composite sliding gates to complete your home exterior? Our composite infill sliding gates are an ideal solution for property owners wanting to improve their driveway area or who have limited space that is unsuitable for conventional swing gates. 

There is no shortage of design options or possibilities when you choose Gates Scotland for your new driveway gates — our metal framed sliding gates are made bespoke with a large range of styles and Next Gen composite boards for you to choose from.

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Gates Scotland - Sliding Gate - Features:

Types of Composite Sliding Gates

At Gates Scotland, we offer a comprehensive range of composite manual and electric sliding driveway gates UK-wide. Our range of composite gates for your driveway includes our standard range. We can also create a bespoke composite sliding gate according to your gates opening width.

With our environmentally conscious Next Gen composite boards, you can rest assured your composite gate will be ultra-durable and water and dirt-resistant.

Composite Gates With or Without Automation Systems

The convenience of a good sliding gate — automated or not — can change your daily routine for the better and save you a lot of time.

Our sliding composite gates can be made with or without automation, based on your preferences. If you have any questions about our automation systems, get in touch with our team for answers and free advice on the best option for your property.

Manual Composite Sliding Gate

A manual sliding driveway gate with composite cladding can give your home a modern look and feel with a reduced price tag when compared with its automated equivalent. While a composite gate with automation is generally seen as more secure, you don’t have to compromise on security with a manual composite sliding gate.

We offer a range of gate locks and closers for your new sliding gate, including gate accessories and hardware by Locinox.

Automated Composite Sliding Gate

If you choose to add automation to your composite sliding gate, you get convenience, security and sophistication in one expertly crafted gate.

Automation can be installed with your new sliding gate regardless of which configuration you’ve chosen. We offer cantilever and tracked systems with our sliding electric gates.

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Tracked or Cantilever Sliding Configurations

At Gates Scotland, we design and install effective and efficient bespoke composite sliding gates. This means we will assess what your needs are based on your property and preferences and create a bespoke solution for the opening of your driveway.

We can do designs and configurations with matching posts and a cantilever or ground track to complete your composite sliding gate.

Cantilever Sliding Composite Gate

If the opening of your driveway has uneven ground, we recommend a cantilever sliding gate. Our cantilever driveway gate system has a concrete foundation that serves as a support for your manual or electric sliding gate system.

Tracked Sliding Composite Gate

The alternative to using a cantilever is using a gate with a ground track. Tracked systems are ideally suited to a sliding gate where the ground is even and we can install the gate on wheels that will roll along a track on the ground.

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Why Choose Our Next Gen Composite Sliding Gates Scotland & Beyond?

As exclusive Next Gen Composite suppliers we offer a wide range of standard and bespoke solutions, including composite fencing and composite driveway gates. If you want a composite sliding gate that will stand the test of time, endure the elements and be low maintenance, you will need a high-quality metal frame and composite infill. Perfect for a tracked or cantilever sliding gate.

At Gates Scotland, we manufacture and supply composite sliding driveway gates that are exclusively made from the best sourced materials. As the exclusive supplier of Next Gen Composite, we can produce a strong metal framed sliding gate for your property, cladded with this UK-made synthetic hardwood composite cladding.

Here are some advantages of choosing Gates Scotland for your new sliding composite gates:

Versatile and Stylish

There is a misconception that if there isn’t any wood content, the composite infill will look artificial — but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our range of Next Gen Composite is available in four colours, two of which have a wood finish. This means you can have a black or grey composite board for a contemporary aesthetic, or you can have the look and feel of a wooden sliding gate (without the cost or maintenance of real wood).

The timeless Anthracite Grey composite boards, for example, are especially versatile in that they can be used for either a private household or business property.

Whether your design involves horizontal boards with a modern colour scheme or vertical boards with a wood finish. You can be sure your new sliding driveway composite gates will last and look good with Next Gen as your composite board of choice.

Our colour options are ideal for modern or more traditional composite sliding gates. They also allow for designs that can suit both residential and commercial properties.

Available Colours

• Anthracite Grey Composite
• Black Composite
• Golden Oak Composite
• Mahogany Composite

With Gates Scotland and Next Gen Composite, you can have a stylish composite sliding gate that adds a perfect finishing touch to your home.

Enhancing Your Privacy & Security

We offer a range of composite fencing and composite gates to prevent onlookers passing by from looking into your property. Our composite driveway gates keep your space private from strangers and give you peace of mind. Our main priority is your safety and that of your property.

Our automatic sliding driveway gates can be opened and closed using a remote. This allows you to open and close your gate inside your property. Eliminating the need for you to get out of your car to close the gate or have your sliding gate open longer than necessary.

A qualified sliding gate specialist on our team will ensure all manual gates are installed properly and that all composite electric sliding gates are installed with all automatic gate features in full working condition.

Automatic Gate Access Control

Automatic composite sliding gate systems put the control in your hand through a remote or an app on your phone. All our complete gate automation packages include delivery and the proper installation of your composite sliding gate. All your gate features will be tested and you can rest assured that your gate is in full working condition.

We custom-design every access control system to suit your needs and goals. Both our tracked systems and cantilever gates are available as industrial and residential electric sliding gates.

Available access control systems

Along with the automation of your composite gates, we also offer a range of access control options. This includes remote controls and GSM intercom systems. We also design bespoke solutions — all created to complement your new electric composite sliding gate.

Premium Composite Boards for Premium Gates

Composite refers to a combination of materials and, when it comes to cladding, this is generally a blend of wood and plastics. The Next Gen Composite infill range is the superior choice over traditional composite boards and timber. Our composite infill offers many benefits such as resistance to water and UV fading, high durability and sustainability.

100% Recycled, 0% Timber

Our composite infill boards are composed of 100% recycled polymers without any timber content at all — making it a must-have if you want something that has a low environmental impact and is sustainable.

We are the exclusive supplier of Next Gen Composite cladding in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Metal Frames Built to Last

If high-quality, low-maintenance sliding gates for driveways are what you’re after, our metal framed composite gates are what you need.

We enhance our level of strength and longevity by including a galvanised finish as a standard on every metal frame. This finish protects it from wet weather and the elements to prevent rust.

You then also have the option of adding a powder-coated finish to the metal frame in any RAL colour of your choice. Unlike painting, powder coated galvanised steel will give your sliding gate frame a completely maintenance-free finish.

Expertly Fabricated

We have a dedicated team of experienced blacksmiths, engineers and fabricators with decades of experience in a range of gate installations and manufacturing. Our team has high standards and knows what it takes to create stunning, versatile and durable sliding manual and automatic sliding gates for driveways.

Technical Drawings Included

We have an in-house technical and professional design team. Every project comes standard with a range of technical drawings and we also offer full 2D & 3D CAD design services. This ensures your sliding electric gate meets all your needs and criteria before we start the manufacturing process.

Extremely Durable

Strength, durability and longevity are key when it comes to creating the gates that will be guarding the entrance of your property. Our composite gates are extremely durable because of the Next Gen Composite infill and the high-quality wrought iron material we use to manufacture them.

With galvanised metal frames for your composite sliding gate, the foundation is set. These supplied composite boards are 100% water resistant and also have a high UV resistance to further protect and preserve the colours of the boards — come rain or shine! This makes our composite sliding automatic driveway gates a much better option than your traditional wood driveway gate.

Maintenance Free

Another major benefit of Next Gen Composite not including any wood in its composition is that after installation, it doesn’t require the same care as a timber gate. Wood can warp and rot when exposed to water, so it requires staining and other finishes in order to keep up with its maintenance needs.

Next Gen’s composite infill is different and repels surface water and dirt for a clean and maintenance-free composite sliding gate.

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Gates Scotland: Leading Supplier of Sliding Composite Driveway Gates in Scotland

At Gates Scotland, we maintain an extremely high standard for ourselves and ensure every gate that leaves our premises is designed and manufactured to these standards. We are experts in what we do, with a team made up of professional blacksmiths, fabricators and engineers who are dedicated to the craft, so you can rest assured that your composite electric gates will meet your quality expectations.

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Our composite gate packages include both supply-only and full-install options and are available throughout the UK mainland.

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