Gates Scotland can manufacture and install an extensive range of metal railings in the UK for residential properties, gardens and parks. Our in-stock and made to measure wrought railings are handcrafted by our experienced blacksmiths from durable wrought iron.

We manufacture various styles, including classic and contemporary designs, but we can also custom design railings to suit your requirements. We can create aesthetically pleasing perimeter railings, high security railings, or bespoke railings that offer both looks and security!

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Types of Wrought Iron Railings

Because of their sturdiness and timeless beauty, wrought iron and wooden garden railings are popular options for both indoor and outdoor applications. These are the types of wrought iron railings that are most commonly used for outdoor applications:


Railings are perfect for residential and commercial properties because they provide aesthetic appeal and security. Our metal railings for sale are typically installed around the perimeter of a home within a fencing structure. They are designed to prevent unauthorised access while improving the property’s appearance.

Our fencing and metal railings are made from solid wrought iron, providing sturdiness, strength, and timeless beauty. We stock a wide range of in-stock railings for gates but it’s just as easy for us to manufacture residential metal railings according to the property’s unique requirements. With us, you can get the ideal size, shape, and style of your desired wrought iron gate railing.

Wall Top Railings

Wall top railings are metal fence railings installed on top of a low wall, such as a garden or boundary wall. These metal garden wall railings are typically designed to provide additional safety and security to gardens while enhancing the wall’s visual appeal.

Traditional railings for a garden and your property perimeter can be made of various materials, but wrought iron is perfect due to its durability, strength, and aesthetic appeal. Wrought iron wall top railings, especially galvanised garden railings, can be customised to fit the specific details of a property, including the size, shape, and design. 

Whether used for security or decorative purposes, metal wall top railings for a garden wall make for a timeless and elegant addition to any home.

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Handrails for Steps

Handrails for steps provide a stylish addition to any home and a safe and secure way to navigate stairs. This durable type of wrought iron balustrade can be installed on indoor and outdoor steps.

Our wrought iron railings for steps can be made to the specific needs of a property, including the height, length, and design of the railing. Wrought iron garden railings can be designed simply for support or feature decorative elements that elevate your property’s overall look.

Wall Handrails

Wall handrails are essential safety features in homes where individuals need support to navigate stairs with greater ease and safety. Wall handrails are usually mounted on brackets or fasteners anchored to the wall for extra support and stability. We can also manufacture wrought iron handrails for outdoor steps in the UK in various styles and bespoke designs.

Railings and Fences

Perimeter Railings For Gardens

Garden wall metal railings create a safe and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Outdoor iron railings are a barrier that provides security for pets, children, and plants. A metal garden railing can also add an attractive decorative element to your home.

Many different styles and designs of metal railings for a garden wall are available to suit various design preferences and budgets.

If you’re looking for modern or traditional iron railings in Scotland that add value and security to your property, contact Gates Scotland. Our strong and durable metal garden railings in the UK are sure to last!

Commercial Railings

We also design, fabricate, and install metal railings for commercial use. All our safety handrails and metal fence rails can be manufactured according to your specifications.

Choose from our in-stock traditional galvanised railings, opt for powder coated wrought iron railings, or provide us with detailed designs that can include hoop designs or more intricate decorative custom designs for your security railings for walls.

Browse our wide variety of metal railings for sale in the UK, or get in touch with us to create your bespoke metal railings in Glasgow.

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Browse our wide range of metal railings for sale in the UK or get in touch with us to create your own bespoke metal railings.

Why Choose Our Wrought Iron Railings?

In-Stock & Bespoke Wrought Iron Railings

A wide variety of wrought iron railings are created by our skilled blacksmiths for both household and commercial use. You can choose a standard metal railing fence design or opt for metal railings we can tailor to your specific needs. With CAD drawings available for precise measurements, you can approve or amend the design for your new modern or traditional wall railings as you see fit.

Our meticulous wrought iron style design service using computer-aided design ensures your made-to-measure metal wall railings are manufactured to your exact requirements.

Whether you need a wrought iron railing for a boundary wall or wrought iron railings and gates for the entire home perimeter, Gates Scotland can create any metal railings in Scotland you’ll need! 

Quality Finishes

All our metal railings and outdoor metal gates are hot dip galvanised to ensure you receive the best quality wrought iron gates and railings when you use our service. 

You also have the option of powder coated railings to give your wrought iron metal railings a complete maintenance free finish that suits the style of your home.

A Trusted Fabrication Process

Gates Scotland’s trusted wrought iron fencing fabrication process is a rigorous and dependable system designed to ensure the highest quality standards for each wrought iron railing we manufacture. The process consists of several key stages, beginning with innovation and design.

Our experienced engineers work closely with you to develop the most effective wrought iron style and solutions for your needs using advanced 2D and 3D CAD modelling technology. This allows for a precise and accurate design to measure your exact specifications. The fabrication process for your garden metal railings is then carried out by highly skilled blacksmiths. The result is wrought iron style railings that deliver exceptional quality and reliability.

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Gates Scotland: Scotland’s Leading Metal Railing Company

Gates Scotland is the gate company you can rely on to produce metal gates and railings in the UK that will stand the test of time. We stock an extensive range of fencing and railings manufactured from high quality wrought iron. Our impeccable design and delivery service ensures each of our products is created and delivered with exceptional care. 

Along with our solid metal railings, Gates Scotland also specialises in automatic and manual gates, fencing and associated metalworks. Gates Scotland offers a range of metal, metal frame timber, composite, and aluminium gates for residential properties, including classic wrought iron side gates. You can browse our site to find the perfect metal railings and gates or have them manufactured just as you want.

UK Wide Delivery

We offer installation of all our traditional and contemporary wall railings throughout Scotland and delivery throughout the UK. So, if you’re looking for made-to-measure metal railings in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, or Bristol—if you need a wrought iron fence and railing system anywhere in the UK—we’ve got you covered.

Browse our range of wrought iron railings in the UK. You can also request a free online quote for bespoke metal railings or get in touch with us if you have any questions about our gate design process.