Strong & Stylish Metal Sliding Gates for Driveways

Nothing completes an exterior like elegant metal (wrought iron) sliding driveway gates.

Sliding metal driveway gates are an ideal solution if you want to take full advantage of your driveway space and enhance your home entrance. They are also the perfect alternative for homes with limited space that aren’t suitable for conventional swing gates.

With Gates Scotland, there is no shortage of design options — our metal sliding driveway gates are made bespoke, with traditional and contemporary styles to choose from.

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Gates Scotland - Metal sliding gates - Features:

Types of Metal Sliding Gate Systems

We offer a huge range of standard metal driveway sliding gates. Our expert team can also design a handcrafted metal sliding gate that will complement your driveway requirements and desired aesthetics.

Our range features two types of manual and electric sliding gates for driveways. You can choose between a tracked or cantilever opening system for your new metal driveway gate.

Your safety is our top priority and we will ensure the right sliding gate and system is chosen for your property.

Manual Sliding Gates

Our traditional metal driveway gates with manual operation are a cost-effective option. Manual sliding driveway gates are the best option if your driveway has limited space that can’t accommodate a full gate automation system.

Tracked Metal Sliding Gate

Our tracked sliding driveway gates have discreet wheels within the frame which allow it to operate on a track system, this gate works best if you have even ground across your gate opening.

You will have the option to choose between a manual or electric tracked driveway sliding gate depending on your driveway space and budget.

Cantilever Sliding Metal Gates

If you have uneven ground your best option is to install a cantilever system which has an advanced invisible roller system that raises the gate above the ground.

Our cantilever sliding gate is available as manual gates or automatic sliding gates, depending on the space available and your needs.

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Why Choose Metal Sliding Driveway Gates?

Our metal sliding gates are resilient and designed specifically to secure and enhance your property. All of our galvanised wrought iron sliding gates can be designed, supplied and fitted with automation systems that can be installed above or below ground level, based on your needs. Metal electric gates offer homeowners added convenience and safety.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing driveway gates or need entirely new gates, our wrought-iron sliding gates are strictly made from the best materials.

Here are just some of the stand-out benefits of owning a sliding driveway gate:

1. Enhanced Safety

Your safety is our priority when we install your manual or electric sliding driveway gates. Our wrought iron gates are durable, low maintenance and reliable. You can rest assured that you’ll be safe whether you choose a manual or automatic system.

Our manual sliding gates for driveways include a lock from Locinox, making sure that your manual gate is as secure as an automatic.

2. Security

Our expert automation engineers follow a process that ensures that every driveway gate installation is supplied and set up with appropriate safety equipment specifically for your wrought iron sliding electric gates and property. All your access control systems are also tested on-site along with your safety edges which are used to automatically stop your electric metal gates to prevent accidental impact if there is resistance.

Our manual or automatic sliding wrought iron driveway gates are a durable and pragmatic option if you’re looking to add an extra layer of security and privacy to your property.

During installation, we ensure your manual or electric gate is installed according to all legal requirements in the UK.

3. Access Control

We have a range of remote access control systems for sliding electric gates for driveways.

One of these systems is the GSM Intercom. This system allows anyone to contact you on your mobile from your driveway gate. You can remotely control access from anywhere using your mobile app.

We custom-design each access control system to suit your needs. Our systems also come with a fail-safe release mechanism so that your automatic metal gates remain functional during a power cut.

4. Handcrafted Made to Measure Metal Sliding Gates

Our driveway metal gates are manufactured by hand according to your designs and specifications.

Our process includes one of our team members measuring the gap width, size and height of the gate you require. The design process begins with 2D CAD drawings (3D drawings are also available at an extra charge). Once you’re satisfied with the design, the fabrication begins.

All our gate packages include delivery, installation and thorough testing.

5. Driveway Sliding Gates Made to Last

When it comes to protecting your home, metal gates for driveways offer the ultimate durability and strength. Our wrought iron sliding driveway gates offer this and more — giving the entrance of your property the best in safety and style.

Design the metal sliding gate of your dreams with Gates Scotland!

6. Finishes to Protect & Fit Your Aesthetic

Not only can we produce your wrought iron sliding gates according to your preferred size, dimensions and preferences, but we also offer you further variety in a range of the finest quality finishes for your new gates.

Once you’ve settled on the perfect gate design for your home, you can have it finished or galvanised to further enhance the aesthetic and durability of your new wrought iron sliding gate.

Galvanising & Powder Coating

All of our manufactured sliding wrought iron gates are galvanised as a standard to protect them from the elements, prevent rust and increase their durability outside. But you can also then choose to have it powder coated in any RAL colour of your choice. Choosing this over a painted top coat means your wrought iron sliding gates will have the finest maintenance-free finish.

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