Automatic Wrought Iron Driveway Gates Handcrafted in Scotland

If you are looking for a strong automatic gate that offers enhanced safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal, Gates Scotland are market leaders in the manufacture of automated wrought iron gates for driveways. We design and supply for domestic, trade & commercial markets.

Our wide range of standard and bespoke metal electric gates are handcrafted by experienced blacksmiths and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Each gate is weather resistant and designed to suit all your needs, including privacy and security.

We carefully fabricate our automatic metal gates with timeless designs that offer something for everybody. There are also many budget-friendly electric driveway gate options to choose from, all of which are strong and made from the highest quality wrought iron.

If you can’t find a ready to install gate in our showroom, our team of gate experts can work with you to create the gate of your dreams. We can design it according to your exact specifications and even include a house/estate/number on the gate. 

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Gates Scotland - Electric Metal Driveway Gates - Features:

Modern Automatic Gates with Sturdy Metal Frames

When choosing the right gate for your house or business driveway entrance, there are many things to take into consideration, especially if it includes gate automation. While manual gates are sometimes preferred, nothing compares to the convenience of high quality automatic gates, which allow you to easily open and close them from inside your home or car with the click of a button.

This feature is especially handy on those cold, rainy days when you don’t want to get out of your car to open or close the gate.

With an automated driveway gate, you can access your property with ease.

Automated Wrought Iron Gates in Various Styles

For automated gates, you can’t go wrong with our big selection of swing gates, cantilever sliding gates, and bi fold gates, all of which are supplied ready to be installed and can be fitted into any driveways.

That’s right, even if you have limited space, we can make the swing gate, sliding gate, or bi fold gate that fits. Our team can also offer advice and recommend a driveway gate best suited for your available space or work with you to create new gates.

We offer free site surveys and quotes for new gates and metal fabrication.

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Different Types of Automatic Metal Driveway Gates

Wrought iron is extremely strong and durable, which is why it is one of our preferred materials for manufacturing gates for driveways. Metal automatic gates can withstand any weather conditions and are non-rusting, which makes them easy to maintain.

Our collection has three types of gate automation to choose from. These include traditional swing gates, cantilever gates, and bi fold gates. All of these electric gates offer a different look and include unique styles that can spruce up the entrance of any home or business entrance.

Which of these three automated gates is right for you? This depends on your driveway’s available space and security needs, which is determined during the site survey to ensure correct measuring before we make, supply, and install your new gate.

We can also help you find an automatic gate that fits the aesthetic of your home or business.

Electric Swing Gates

Automated metal swing gates work with a remote control for easy access and an above or below-ground motor that gets installed with the metal frame of the gate. These electric gates swing open or closed in one direction when you press a remote control button.

Automatic swing gates are low-maintenance and provide a high level of security and protection to your premises. Our electric gates are fabricated by gate automation experts, which makes them even more secure than manual gates.

Once installed, you have complete control over the opening and closing of your electric swinging driveway gate from inside or outside your house or car.

Electric Sliding Gates

Automatic metal sliding gates are very popular electric gate options for residential or commercial properties, especially if you have limited space.

Also known as automatic metal cantilever gates, sliding gates have wheels and are fitted to roll along a track at an efficient operating speed. The electric gate opens or closes immediately when you press the button on your remote control.

A sliding gate can be installed on uneven ground because it has a solid concrete foundation that supports the gate frame and gate opening mechanism.

To establish whether your driveway is fit for wrought iron cantilever gates, we schedule a site survey to view your premises before establishing which gate would be best and starting the gate fabrication process. This ensures you get a gate that works for your property.

Electric Bi Fold Gates

Bi fold electric gates are very practical because they are made to fold, which is why we also refer to them as automatic metal folding gates.

These innovative automated gates make it possible for us to install swing gates in areas where there’s not much space to work with, making it ideal for smaller properties that require a security gate for privacy and safety purposes.

If you have minimal space on your property to open and close a gate, then a bi fold automatic gate is perfect for you. These folding driveway gates are made from quality wrought iron, which makes them extremely strong and ensures optimal safety of your property.

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Metal gate fabrication

Features of our Electric Metal Gates:

We design and manufacture a wide range of electric gates which are low maintenance and offer instant gate access with the touch of a button. Not only does an automatic gate system allow you to open and close your driveway entrance gate from inside or outside of your house or car, but it also offers a lot of privacy for your premises, among many other appealing benefits!

When it comes to installing automatic gates, all of our gates get installed by our qualified and experienced team of automated gate specialists.

Optimal Safety & Security

Every gate in our automatic range is handcrafted by fully qualified blacksmiths with solid materials to ensure maximum safety of your property. But that’s not all — along with enhanced security, our swing, bi fold and sliding gate options also give your premises plenty of privacy while only providing access with remote controls.

Our metal automatic gate range is made from wrought iron and according to the highest standards in the UK. Wrought iron is one of the most commonly used materials for driveway gates because it is extremely versatile and offers more than enough strength and durability to assure optimal safety of your premises and its occupants.

These automatic swinging, folding, and cantilever gates all offer a high level of security and protection to your residential or commercial property to ensure complete peace of mind.

Easy Access Control Systems

Our automatic gates are designed to offer efficiency and ease of access to your property, which also enhances security.

By getting an automatic gate with controlled access, you can reduce the risk of crime, prevent unauthorised visitors from entering your home or business, and track who enters and exits the property. With improved perimeter control, you can have peace of mind knowing that everyone and everything on your property is extra safe at all times.

Maximum Strength & Resilience

Our wrought iron automatic gate options are made to offer resilience. Wrought iron is very dense and durable, which is why we use it to make automatic electric gates that last. Wrought iron is preferred for automatic gates, especially electric sliding gates, because it generally only has one panel. When manufactured with wrought iron, driveway gates remain strong and protected against ramming and continual usage over time.

Each automatic gate in our range is also rust-resistant, ensuring the automatic gate’s quality and look remains the same as on the day of its installation.

Quality Handcrafted Designs

We have metal automated gates in many modern designs that look good on any property. Wrought iron driveway gates offer a timeless look, which is why apart from its durability and security benefits, it remains one of the top materials we use to make automatic gates.

Due to its quality, it also requires minimal maintenance. By choosing an automated metal driveway gate, you immediately increase the value of your home or business. With added curbside appeal, your visitors or clients and customers will surely be left impressed.

Galvanised or Powder Coated Finishes

Our wrought iron metal automated gates get galvanised as standard and have the option of being finished with powder coating for added protection and sustainability over time. We treat our wrought iron gates with hot dip galvanisation and an undercoat and finish it with a RAL colour of your choice. This finishing process takes place before installation.

When metal gates are galvanised, they tend to look more expensive than gates that have not received this finishing process. Electric gates with galvanisation also cost much less over time, which can benefit anyone looking to buy a new high-quality electric gate.

Besides offering you flexibility with the gate’s colour and texture, powder coating also adds a protective layer that increases the quality of the gate.

Complete Delivery & Installation Services

If you need a reliable, high-quality automated gate with hassle-free installation and excellent customer service, our team of qualified gate specialists can help. We provide a wide range of services, including designing, manufacturing, and finishing.

We can either supply you with an automatic metal driveway gate from our showroom or work with you to design and make a custom electric gate based on your specifications.

Trusted Electric Gate Manufacturers & Suppliers in Scotland

If you are looking for a new metal electric gate for your driveway that offers longevity and safety, then Gates Scotland has you covered. We are the biggest gate and metal fabrication manufacturer in Scotland and have a showroom with a massive collection of automated gates.

As trusted gate suppliers and specialists in gate automation, we also do a site survey before starting the installation process to ensure we have the correct measurements and can make recommendations based on your available space and gate needs.

Find the Right Electric Gate for Your Driveway Entrance

If you have a specific design in mind and can’t find the right gate in our showroom, our experienced team can work with you to make an electric gate according to your preferences.

With high-quality materials and a team of metal fabrication and gate automation specialists, we can help you customise the automatic gate of your dreams and take care of installation.

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