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Expertly Designed Metal Wooden Gates

Gates Scotland is Scotland’s leading manufacturer of combined metal & wood gates. When it comes to metal framed wooden gates in Scotland, our gates are aesthetically appealing and have the brawn to withstand bad weather and frequent use.

Our metal framed timber gates combine the strength and longevity of wrought iron gates with wood inserts to add security, privacy and style.

Automated metal framed gates are available and there are various design and colour combination options to create a stylish gateway to your residential property. We also offer aluminium gates in this range.

The Difference in Specialist Experience

A strong metal frame with wooden cladding for a beautiful finish, durability & added privacy

Wooden gates do not usually last long without proper care since the stress-bearing components are attached to wooden fixtures. However, with a metal frame, all the moving and stress-bearing parts are made from metal and treated appropriately to ensure durability and longevity. This is especially important with larger structures, like driveway gates.

The wood is secured safely within the metal (wrought iron) frame of our timber infill driveway gates for a longer lifespan compared to traditional wooden gates. The wood and metal also complement each other aesthetically, as you can see in our gallery of driveway gates, side gates, sliding gates.

For a strong metal frame gate with wooden cladding that gives you added privacy, get in touch with Gates Scotland today!

Survey – Design – Manufacture – Installation. We offer a full service and delivery UK-wide!

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Collaborating with you on your Custom Gate Designs

We pride ourselves on offering various tailor-made options for all our customers — whether they need a simple pedestrian gate or an intricately embellished metal framed driveway gate.

Whether it’s driveway gates, gates for balconies, or electric gates, the team at Gates Scotland has the knowledge and experience to assist you.

2D & 3D CAD Drawings

We start with a consultation over the phone and provide 2D CAD drawings as a standard before any project is approved.

2D CAD drawings are a standard and ideal starting point for a design but can be limited. That is why we also offer the option of switching to a 3D CAD, otherwise known as a three-dimensional computer-aided design, which allows us to add more complex shapes and designs.

We offer a wide range of options for finishes, including galvanised and powder coated options. This ensures longevity, a maintenance-free finish, and a customised look that you will love for years to come!

Types of Metal Framed Gates

Here at Gates Scotland, we specialise in automatic gates, manual gates, railings and fencing, and metal fabrication.

We offer a variety of product types in each category. Our metal and wooden gates are available as a side, sliding, bi-fold, electric, and driveway gate option. You can also customise these with a powder coated colour of your choice (which is applied on top of the galvanised frames).

Some of our most popular metal-framed timber gates include:

Metal & Timber Driveway Gates

Driveway gates are often the first part of a property to be seen. With us, you can ensure that your driveway gates are made from high-quality materials and with expert craftsmanship that adds an aesthetically-pleasing touch.

Our metal frame timber clad gates look sleek and contemporary, using galvanised metal frames in any shape or design of your choosing. Our team will gladly assist you in finding the perfect driveway gate designs from our extensive range.

There are two timber options: Western Red Cedar and African Iroko. Depending on your preference, this timber can either be stained, oiled, painted, or left untreated. This gives you complete control over the look and feel of your new driveway gate.

Tall Metal & Timber Side Gates

With Gates Scotland, your side gates don’t have to be a side note on your property.

Opting for a metal frame wood gate for your side or garden gates can add an elegant and modern aesthetic to your property while also adding to the overall value. Height and width aren’t a problem as we have suitable options and customisation capabilities for homes of all types and sizes.

The frames on our gates are galvanised and there is the option of powder coated, which plays a role in the product’s longevity. You can rest assured that our team works hard to supply the best quality products, whether it’s for your garden gates or any other entryway.

Tall timber side gate
sliding metal framed timber gate

Metal & Timber Sliding Gates

When it comes to our metal framed gates, we have worked hard to ensure options are available for all types of entrances, including those with limited space.

That is where sliding gates come in. If you are in the market for a driveway gate that slides rather than swings open, why not opt for a metal framed timber one?

Our driveway gates come in several design options, and we can supply and install automation systems that work above or below ground.

Metal Framed Bi-Fold Gates

Another contemporary option for the opening style of your metal and wood gate is a bi-fold gate. This type of driveway gate has several hinged leaves that fold back on themselves, thereby minimising the swing path when the driveway gate opens.

With several configurations available and the fact that we do design consultations with all our customers before signing off on a solution, this gate is entirely customisable.

Your bespoke bi-fold metal framed timber gate is made with a galvanised frame, so, as far as metal frame gates go, it looks good and is a durable driveway gate solution too.

Electric Metal Framed Timber Gates

Our electric metal framed timber gates are ideal for customers looking for metal and wood gates that are also automated — the perfect mix of modern and traditional.

We can ensure that the design of your driveway gate accommodates suitable automation, including above or below ground systems, while remaining cost-effective.

Our team are ready to do a full design consultation with you and specify the necessary safety equipment for the type of automated system and driveway gate you want. As with any automated system, we will always ensure that all safety standards are adhered to.

You can finalise your bespoke metal-frame driveway gate with cladding in Cedar or Iroko, using one of our many treatment options available for the wood.

Protective Finishes for Long-Lasting Gates

The metal-framed timber gates we manufacture are made to our highest standards, which is why we include galvanising as a standard — whether it’s a driveway gate or wrought-iron fencing. Typically, we treat the bare metal with hot-dip galvanisation, an undercoat, and then complete the look with a final coat of your desired colour, powder coated or painted.

Powder Coated Gates

Powder coating can be used to colour metal products and as a top coat to further protect gates, railings, and handrails. It’s a preferred alternative to painting gates as this may need to be done every few years, depending on wear and tear, and can be costly in the long run.

Powder coated gates, on the other hand, give a maintenance-free finish.

Our team can offer you more information the finishing options that interest you and what will be best for your driveway gate.

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A Leading Supplier Of Metal And Timber Gates

Gates Scotland is Scotland’s leading manufacturer of combined metal & wood gates and our extensive range is just one of the reasons clients choose us. You are welcome to view our metal-framed timber gates online or at our showroom.

We are based in Glasgow, but we fabricate and install metal-framed driveway gates across Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Please enquire about our delivery and installation options if you are unsure of our scope.

Wide Range of Services

We also specialise in other gate and fencing products, including commercial fencing such as vertical bar railings, metal handrails, palisade gates, wall tops, and field gates to name a few.

We believe in offering our customers as much added value as possible, so we also have automation and access control packages available. We can advise you on GSM intercoms, keypads, vehicle detectors, and electric keeps with access control.

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Ready to upgrade to our metal framed wooden gates in Scotland? You can visit our showroom or we can send a site surveyor to your residential or commercial property — whichever is most convenient and accessible for you.

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