Robust Driveway Gates with Metal Frames & Composite Cladding

Driveway gates with composite infill are low maintenance, durable, and environmentally friendly alternatives to timber gates. As a leading gate manufacturer and installer in the United Kingdom, Gates Scotland supplies high quality composite driveway gates in Scotland that are available in a wide range of colours and textures.

We manufacture composite gates for driveways in standard or custom designs. Our bespoke composite driveway gates are manufactured to your exact requirements with a composite infill made from recycled materials. The manufacturing process is simple and designed to prevent the composite boards from warping, rotting, or splitting.

Our gate experts know what it takes to make high quality, low maintenance, modern composite gates in various attractive designs and are ready to create the perfect driveway gates for your home. We can also manufacture matching composite fencing to go with your new driveway gate.

Along with composite driveway gates, Gates Scotland also designs, manufactures, and supplies metal driveway gates, metal framed timber driveway gates, and aluminium driveway gates.

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Composite Driveway Gate Features:

Features of our Composite Driveway Gates

A Durable & Low Maintenance Driveway Gate

The strength of our composite gates for driveways comes from the quality of the material we use to manufacture them.

The combination of a strong wrought iron frame with our exclusive Next Gen composite cladding is one of the reasons these driveway gates are so solid and can handle manual use and automation.

Driveway Gates Made Bespoke

If you’re looking for made-to-measure composite gates for your driveway, then we are the gate manufacturers for you.

Each composite gate we design is unique so our customers can enjoy the luxury of choice by selecting from a wide range of styles or designing their own composite drive gates. Our expert team then brings it to life based on how you would like your bespoke composite gates to look, customised to your exact size and design specifications.

Protective Finishes for your Driveway Gate Frame

We provide strong metal frames for our driveway gates so that it stands the test of time. These are your finish options for the frame of your driveway’s new composite infill gates:


Each of our composite driveway gates goes through the process of ‘hot dip galvanising’. We use this long lasting solution as a standard on all our metalwork to protect the wrought iron metal frame and ensure the gate’s quality is maintained over its lifespan.

Powder Coated

Another option you have when it comes to the finish on your new driveway gate is to have it powder coated.

The main benefit of powder coating is that it is a great way to colour metal gates and frames in a shade of your choice while further protecting and maintaining the longevity of the wrought iron metal frame of the gate.

As metalwork experts, we can also fabricate solid aluminium driveway gates or wrought iron driveway gates. View our range of classic metal driveway gate designs online.

Matching Posts for your New Composite Driveway Gate

Once installed, your composite driveway gate will look incredible with matching posts. Not only does this help with the installation of the gate, but it also completes the overall look of your wrought iron metal and Next Gen composite cladding driveway gate.

Various Composite Cladding Options

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the composite cladding for your driveway gate. Choose from composite infills in various contemporary styles and colours, from neutral colours to shades with a wood effect.

Our team can advise you on which options can create the best driveway gate to match your home exterior.

2D Modelling & CAD Drawings Available

To give you an idea of what your metal gates with composite infill will look like, we provide 2D modelling CAD drawings. This feature ensures you aren’t left surprised or unsure about your new composite driveway gate after it is installed.

Delivery & Full Install

At Gates Scotland, we take great pride in our work — from the manufacturing process of our composite metal gates for driveways to the delivery and installation of your new driveway gate. This feature exemplifies the quality of service we supply to all of our customers.

For premium, long lasting gates in Glasgow and the UK, order Gates Scotland’s strong, eco-friendly, and contemporary driveway gates today!

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The 5 Main Benefits of Composite Gates for Driveways

We understand the need for a stunning driveway gate that’s good in quality and value for money. That is one of the many reasons our metal framed composite gates are perfect for your property’s driveway. Besides the aesthetic appeal of a composite driveway gate, it can also be one of the most hassle-free ways to enhance your property when manufactured correctly.

There are several benefits to installing our metal framed composite driveway gates, including:

Composite side gate

1. Made For Durability & Minimal Maintenance

When you purchase any composite and metal gate for your driveway, it should retain its quality and durability over time. Longevity is one of the key advantages of our composite driveway gates, whether you have the frames powder coated or not.

With our Next Gen composite cladding, you get a modern driveway gate at a good price that doesn’t need ongoing maintenance. Your new metal and composite board driveway gate won’t warp or rot and will continue to look as good as it did the day you installed it.

Besides the durability and maintenance benefits, a composite driveway gate is also extremely versatile and can work as a manual gate or with an automated system.

2. A Modern Composite Infill Driveway Gate

Driveway gates with composite cladding offer a contemporary entranceway to your house that is timeless in style and designed for privacy. You can achieve this appealing and memorable first impression with our modern galvanised driveway gates.

Driveway gates with composite cladding are modern and timeless, but also add a sophisticated aesthetic to your house that visitors will love. The metal and composite material used for our driveway gates create this look while being incredibly adaptable and aesthetically versatile.

Prefer the rich aesthetic of real wood? Have a look at our range of metal framed wooden driveway gates in Scotland with real timber infills.

composite tall side gate

3. Manufactured with the Right Material

The Next Gen composite boards we use for our composite driveway gates are durable, high quality, and manufactured using 100% recycled polymers and 0% timber.

To ensure there’s no need for staining or painting, which can affect the quality of your gate, Next Gen composite cladding is UV resistant and repels surface water and dirt.

These UK made composite panels are placed into a wrought iron metal frame in a design of your choosing, galvanised (with the option of also being powder coated), and then moved on to the approval, delivery, and installation phases.

4. An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Wood looks great, but it can be taxing on the environment and is susceptible to damage by pests. Composite gates, on the other hand, are made from a mix of recycled polymers, plastics, and bonding agents and can even be made to look like wood.

This also means painting or staining is not required — you get maintenance free galvanised driveway gates with composite infills that will last for years to come.

The composite panels are well formed and firm, and the manufacturing process reinforces the durability and strength of these modern driveway gates.

This also means no constant painting or staining — you can enjoy maintenance-free contemporary galvanised driveway gates with composite infills that will serve you for years to come.

CDG152 Composite Driveway Gate
tall composite side gates pedestrian

5. Express Your Style

Composite driveway gates don’t only offer you more privacy and security, they also give you an opportunity to express your style.

Our composite front gates combine recycled materials and wrought iron metal to form a modern gate that is cost effective, designed for security and privacy, and timeless in style. But what makes our metal composite gates for the driveway so popular is that you can finish the look by sealing it with a colour of your choice.

The Next Gen composite panels come in 4 versatile colours and the metal frame can be powder coated in RAL colours to give your new driveway gate a unique look and feel.

Whether you’re looking for a composite sliding gate or an automated swing gate for your driveway, our made-to-measure gates in Glasgow offer everything your property needs.

Gates Scotland: Your Composite Driveway Gate Specialist

For high quality driveway gates that are modern and manufactured using a cost effective composite material, look no further than Gates Scotland.

As a leading composite driveway gates supplier, we understand the importance of durability. The constant use and movement of driveway gates, whether automatic or manual, means that the design and quality standards of the gate are essential.

We have aimed to create composite gates for driveways that require little to no maintenance and are easy to install. With our gates, installation and maintenance is hassle free.

Have your new composite driveway gate made by trusted gate specialists — have it made by Gates Scotland.

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An Expert Team At Your Service

Our team of engineers, blacksmiths, and fabricators understand the importance of composition and strength when it comes to the design and creation of modern gates for driveways. We use that knowledge to manufacture reliable gates that are maintenance free, splinter free, and premium quality.

We have a tried and trusted process for each new project. Starting with a phone or email consultation, we then move on to a site survey where we assess and measure the space and help you decide which driveway gate designs are best for your property.

When you purchase one of our driveway gates with composite infills, you can trust in our expertise and world class customer service — guaranteed!

A Design Process That Delivers Excellence

Using our trusted manufacturing process, we can create metal framed composite gates for driveways in various styles and colours with matching posts.

Before the design of the driveway gate is approved, we can provide 2D or CAD drawings so you get an idea of how your metal and composite gates will look once it’s manufactured.

We offer supply only through to fully managed projects with installation.

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