Metal Framed Electric Timber Gates for Fashionable Functionality

Nothing says sophisticated safety solution quite like automated gates; and nothing says understated luxury quite like the elegant finish of wood. That’s why our wrought iron (metal) and timber electric gates are the ultimate driveway gate solution for your home!

With extensive experience in engineering electric gates, we can supply and install bespoke metal framed wooden electric gates, custom made to your preferences and requirements. Your new metal and timber electric gate will be designed and supplied with suitable gate automation, including options for above or below ground systems.

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Electric Metal Framed Timber Gate Features:

Advantages of a Wrought Iron (Metal) & Wood Electric Gate

Our metal framed electric wooden driveway gates have many advantages:

Durability & Longevity

A metal framed wooden electric gate brings you the durability and longevity of a wrought iron gate, but with a warmer feel.

Before we deliver and install your new automated gate, the metal frame of your wooden electric gate will be galvanised to prevent rust. You also have the option of powder coating it for a completely maintenance-free finish.

The wood options we use for the infill of each metal framed electric gate also have protective properties such as resistance to temperature and rot.

Attractive & Stylish Wood Infills

With metal framed automatic wooden gates manufactured by gate experts, you can add a touch of luxury and style to your property and enhance the overall aesthetic and value.

We can manufacture softwood and hardwood gates with metal frames, and these can be supplied oiled, untreated, painted, or stained. Choose from either western red cedar (softwood) or African iroko (hardwood) for your new wooden electric gates.

Western Red Cedar — Softwood

With a light, reddish-blonde colour that can be stained to match other existing cedar on your property, western red cedar is an aesthetically pleasing and versatile choice for wooden gates. Western red cedar is also considered to be one of the best timbers for exterior use because it is naturally rot and temperature-resistant.

African Iroko — Hardwood

African Iroko is a rich hardwood with a golden appearance and a consistent grain and tone that gives it a neat and elegant finish. This hardwood is similar to teak, with a stable nature and rot-resistant properties that add to its durability.

Safety & Security

In terms of security, our metal framed wooden electric gates for driveways open and close at the click of a button so you don’t have to leave your car to enter or exit your property. This also prevents your electric gate from standing open for longer than necessary while parking.

Our team is fully qualified to install your new metal framed wooden electric gates and will ensure that all its safety devices are correctly in place and in full working condition

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Protective Finishes

While the infill for your wooden gates can be oiled, stained, painted, or left untreated, you can also add protective finishes to the solid metal frame of your new automatic wooden gates to ensure you get years of good use out of them.


All of our metalwork is galvanised as a standard to ensure the longevity of your wrought iron (metal) framed wooden gates.

We use a process called ‘hot dip galvanising’, during which the metal frame will be coated with a layer of non-corrosive zinc. This will protect it from the elements and prevent rusting, making these wooden electric gates an ideal solution for homes in coastal areas.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is an optional add-on for the metalwork of your electric wooden gates. This is the longest-lasting, most durable coating you can have on the metal frame. We can use this method to provide a top coat in any RAL colour of your choice.

Because powder coating gives metal a tough, chip resistant, and maintenance-free finish, you won’t need to reapply paint and other coatings to the frame of your wooden electric gates every few years, making this the preferred choice if you want a maintenance free gate.

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Our Gate Automation Opening Systems & Configurations

We offer several automatic operation systems for opening and closing your new wooden electric gates. Our range includes swing gates, sliding gates, and bi fold automated gates. These automatic wooden gates can be installed with above or below ground motors.

Wooden Automatic Swing Gates

Swing gates are one of the best systems for your metal framed automatic wooden gates if you want something grand and timeless. This type of opening configuration requires a significant amount of space in the area in which they will swing open.

Wooden Automatic Sliding Gates

Our wood and wrought iron electric sliding gates are available as either tracked or cantilever sliding gates. Our tracked wooden sliding gates are installed on wheels that roll along a track, which is suitable when the ground level across the gate opening is even. On more uneven ground, we use a cantilever system, which uses a concrete foundation to support the gate system. Both of these options offer convenience, security, and sophistication.

Wooden Bi Fold Automatic Gates

Our bi fold wooden electric gates follow the same concept of our swing gates but are designed for when there is limited space stopping the other opening configurations from working. Bi fold gates are made up of two or more panels hinged together to fold rather than swing open. The gate installation can be manufactured with above or below ground motors to operate the automation mechanism that controls the electric gate.

This type of electric gate can open from the centre, like traditional swing gates, or from the sides, so it can cost more due to the design, engineering, and installation involved.

Access Control Systems for our Metal Framed Wooden Gates

Our metal framed wooden electric driveway gates can be installed with various access control systems. Whether you just want a standard button controlled automation system or an intercom and motion sensors, we can ensure your electric wooden gate has it!

We offer various access system options for your automated wooden gate, including but not limited to:

• Keypads
• WiFi/IP intercoms
• Proximity readers

We can advise you on the most appropriate automation system for your property.

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