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Your home’s driveway entrance is one of the first things people see when they visit and it’s what greets you when you return home after a long day, so good entrance gates are essential. If you’re looking for exceptional driveway electric gates in Scotland, then we have what you need.

Gates Scotland is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial gates in Scotland. Our name is synonymous with quality — from the materials we use to our customer service.

At Gates Scotland, we promise a full service:

• Survey
• Design
• Manufacturing
• Installation

We welcome you to come visit us at our showroom where we can show you example setups in action. Alternatively, we offer a free site survey service. Some customers do both! 

We also deliver UK wide, so contact us today for auto gates in Scotland & beyond.

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Experienced Electric Gate Specialists

We aim to ensure that our clients get the best of the best the first time around. With Gates Scotland, you can be assured knowing you are receiving a long lasting, high functioning and reliable electric gate system that is installed quickly & correctly.


Along with options for timber, steel or wrought-iron gates — or a combination — there are also a few options for gate automation in terms of how your new gates open. Our custom automatic gate selection includes swing gates, sliding or cantilever gates, and even bi-fold automatic electric gates.

Automatic Swing Gates

Swing gates are one of the best styles of electric gates for houses if you want something installed that has a bit of flair. These do, however, require a significant amount of space in the area in which they will swing open.

This type of gate automation installation can consist of above or below ground motors.

Automatic swing gates can be produced in a material of your choice with creative design finishes to match. We offer wrought iron, aluminium and composite gates.

Automatic Sliding Gates

We have tracked sliding gates and cantilever gates for installing this type of gate.

Tracked sliding gates installed on wheels roll along a track. This is most suitable when you have even ground across the gate opening. Cantilever sliding gates have a concrete foundation that supports the system, which is generally used on uneven ground.

Both options offer all of the benefits of electric sliding gates upon installation — convenience, security and sophistication.

Bi Fold Automatic Gates

Following the concept of swing gates, bi fold automated driveway gates are the go-to choice when there is limited space that stops other opening styles from working.

A bi fold gate is made up of two or more panels hinged together that fold up instead of swinging open. They are made for shorter driveways.

While this type of automatic house gate can open from the centre like traditional swing gates or from the sides, it can also cost more due to the design, engineering and installation involved.

What are the Benefits of Automatic Gates?

Did you know that many manual gates, whether swing or sliding, are eventually just left open? This is because of the inconvenience and constant effort of having to get out of your vehicle to open and close them several times a day — even more so during adverse weather conditions. Along with diminishing the security aspect of having gates, you also miss out on the aesthetic that a well-designed gate can bring to the exterior of your property.

Electric gates give you your time and safety back — with remote control automation to simplify your day to day activities.

Here are the two most important ways motorised gates can benefit you and your home.

Electric Gates


Security and safety are paramount when installing automatic gates in driveways.

Our installation team is fully qualified and ensures that all safety devices are correctly in place for your automated gates. This prevents the gates from opening or closing when people are nearby and allows them to automatically stop when detecting resistance. These safety regulations are required by law and we take them very seriously.

In terms of security, opening and closing your electric gate at the click of a button means that it is never standing open longer than necessary when parking. Unlike manual driveway gates, automatic gates are a great deterrent to opportunist criminals looking to gain easy access to your property.

Access Control

We offer a range of remote control and access control systems to complement your new electric gates. One of these is our GSM Intercom which allows people to call you directly on your mobile from the gate intercom. You can control access from anywhere in the world, provided you have a mobile signal. The intercoms also work with an app feature on your phone. 

These work exceptionally well on a commercial property, allowing a receptionist to first identify who is at the parking entrance before remotely opening the electric gates.

At Gates Scotland, we custom design each access control system to suit your specific needs. This allows us to install other access controls with your automatic gates too.

With all the technology needed to enable intercom systems and automated gates, many customers wonder how their electric driveway gate will be affected if there is a power cut. We include a fail-safe manual release mechanism so your electric gate remains functional during a power cut.

Electric Gates

An Automatic Gate System Designed for Your Needs

The aesthetics of the exterior of your home is extremely important. The style you choose for your automatic gate and the materials used to manufacture it make all the difference.

Material Options

The materials you choose for your driveway gate will impact more than just its appearance. Maintenance and security are important factors that need to be considered when choosing the materials for your automated gates. When it comes to hardwearing metals like wrought iron, aluminium, stainless steel, or Next Generation composite infills, your decision may depend on your location

For example, if you live near the ocean and choose a metal that is not rust-resistant, you may have to deal with corrosion. This will require regular repainting of your automatic gates. On the other hand, timber driveway gates can give your home’s outside a modern design, but they are ultimately more suitable for milder climates.

A combination of materials for your driveway entrance — such as a metal-framed timber gate — gives you the best of both worlds.

If the idea of continual maintenance and upkeep is too much for you, rest assured that we offer automated gates made from maintenance-free metal & composite materials that is galvanised and powder coated to prevent stains, re-painting, and rust. 

With Gates Scotland, installing and maintaining your new driveway gate is a stress free experience. Whichever material you choose, all of our electric gates are made to be extremely strong and deliver on all of your gate automation needs — from security to aesthetics and everything in between.

Style & Design

Some people love the idea of ornamental railings at the entrance of their homes while others can’t bear not having the privacy that comes with a solid wooden or composite electric gate for a driveway. Some prefer the sleek look of swing gates opening automatically, while others find that having simple sliding or cantilever gates installed does the trick.

You will better understand your design options once you’ve chosen the material(s) you’d like for your automatic gate. Wrought iron is perfect for creating pretty designs for railings, while timber comes in various shades and can align within a metal frame in many different ways.

Whichever design you go for, all of our automatic gate options are extremely strong and will provide you and your family with security and style.

Our experienced blacksmiths can make bespoke electric gates according to your unique needs. Get in touch to get a quote!

Scotland’s gate specialists. 

Experts in High-Quality Automatic Gates in Scotland

We never have and never will be ‘the cheapest’ when it comes to the manufacturing & installing of auto gates in Scotland — and there is a good reason for this. To install a safe and reliable automatic gate takes the correct expertise and engineers.

We have an experienced team of automation engineers, each with a minimum of 10 years in the industry. We have years of experience designing, building, and installing the highest quality automatic gates — and fixing bad installations for customers.

Every day, we receive many calls from people who previously purchased cheaper electronic gates for a driveway and found that it was not just low-cost but also low-quality. In almost all cases, they end up paying more in the long run for what seemed like a good deal at the time.

Scotland’s Leading Automatic Gate Supplier

If you’re in the market for electric driveway gates in Scotland, then Gates Scotland is the go-to. We are experts in the design, manufacture and installation of electric gates.

Based outside Glasgow, we have electric gates for sale for clients anywhere in the country — in cities big and small from Glasgow to Edinburgh and beyond. Contact us today for electric gates in Scotland that you can depend on!

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