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Gates Scotland's Guide On Buying Electric Gates

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At Gates Scotland you can be assured you are receiving a quality and reliable electric gate system. We never have, and never will be 'the cheapest' - there is a good reason for this! To install a safe and reliable automatic gate takes the correct expertise and engineers. We have an experienced range of automation engineers, each with a minimum of 10 years in the industry. 

We receive many calls on a daily basis, from people who previously purchased budget/low cost/cheap electric gate installations. We can tell you from years of experience and fixing these installations for other customers, it is simply a false economy taking this route. In almost all cases we come across, customers end up paying more in the long run for what seemed like a good deal at the time! Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

We welcome you to come visit us at our showroom where we can show you example setups in action. Alternatively, we offer a free site survey service. Some customers do both! 

Click here to view our gallery showcasing our range and recent installs!

Free Consulation & Design Service 

What are the benefits of having automatic gates?

A large percentage of manual gates are generally left in the open position, due to the inconvienience of having to get out of your vehicle to open and close them, especially in adverse weather conditions. This diminishes the security aspect of having a set of gates on your property. 




Safety is paramount when installing automatic gates. Our installation team is fully qualified and ensures that all safety devices are put in place. This prevents the gates from opening or closing when people are nearby, or if they detect any resistance they automatically stop. 

It is law that these regulations are followed!

Automatic Gate Types:

We offer several types of automatic gates.  We can supply any of our ranges - metal framed timber, wrought iron or aluminium with automation. 

- Automatic Swing Gates

This type of automation consists of above or below ground motors.

- Automatic Sliding Gates

This type of gate consists of either a tracked sliding gate or a cantilever sliding gate. Tracked sliding gates are installed on wheels which roll along a track. This is only suitable when you have even ground across the gate opening.


Cantilever sliding gates have a concrete foundation which supports the system. This system is general used when the ground is uneven.

- Bi-fold automatic gates

This system is used when there is limited space, however, it can cost more due to the design and engineering involved.

Access Control


We offer a range of access control systems, which can be installed alongside your new electric gates.

- GSM Intercoms - These allow people to call you direct to your mobile, from the gate intercom. You can control your access from anywhere in the world, providing you have a mobile signal. 

The intercoms also work with an app feature on your phone.

Various other access controls can be added to the gates, each system is custom designed to suit your needs.