Metal (Wrought Iron) Driveway Gates Handcrafted in Scotland

Gates Scotland is a leading supplier of gates and fences in Scotland. We can design, manufacture and supply your home or business with a large range of durable wrought iron (metal) driveway gates of the highest quality that offer longevity.

We have a wide range of standard design options for your new gates to suit all budgets and needs, but we can also design and fabricate bespoke gates based on your specifications. From simple, sleek modern designs to large, ornate & fancy estate gates, any design can be incorporated or fabricated. We can also include a house/estate/number on the gate itself. 

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Sliding or Swinging Driveway Gates?

We will survey your home’s entrance and inform you which type of gate is best for its intended purpose. The most common type is a swinging gate, which is mounted via fixed hinges and opens inwards. The hinges are then fixed to your wall, or if required, we can install strong posts to weld the hinges too. Both methods result in a strong, long-lasting gate operation!

Sliding gates are more commonly used when the other options are not possible. Sometimes we come across situations where the ground is too uneven or where a swinging driveway gate could block other areas in the open position, in which case we would recommend a sliding gate system. This would prevent a swinging gate from scraping or catching on uneven ground.

Some customers request that a sliding gate be installed when we use heavier metals & décor as it can make opening and closing easier. Both types of gates — swinging and sliding — can be fully automated using our different automation systems.

One of the most popular reasons for choosing a sliding driveway gate over a swinging gate is if there are items or property stored in the area behind the gate, for example, a car garage. This means that valuable space behind the gate can be saved as you do not need to swing a gate round to open it. 

Choose Between Manual and Automatic Driveway Gates

Made from wrought iron, our metal gates for driveways offer a high level of security, longevity, and curbside appeal. Whether you opt for a standard gate from our collection or bespoke metal driveway gates, each is available in manual or electric options.

While both our manual and automated gates are convenient and practical options, automatic gates are often preferred due to automation properties that allow you to open your driveway gate from your car or inside your house. However, manual gates tend to require much less maintenance than electric gates, which is appealing if you want low maintenance gates.

In terms of price, manual gates are usually much cheaper than automatic gates. Electric gates require an automation and access control system that can increase the cost of the gate quite dramatically depending on the type of system you want your new driveway gate to use.

Ultimately, whether you choose manual or electric gates for your driveway depends on what you are looking for in terms of design and functionality.

Gates Scotland has a showroom of driveway gates that are ready to order.

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Gates Scotland - Wrought Iron Driveway Gates - Features:

Features of our Metal Driveway Gates:

Our metal driveway gates have unique designs that offer enhanced security and increase the value of your residential or commercial property. These wrought iron gates, with or without automation, are fabricated by our team of experienced blacksmiths and are made to fit.

As gate design and automation specialists, we design, manufacture, and supply solid metal driveway gates that offer incredible features.

Strong & Durable Materials

When it comes to the entrance for your driveway, metal gates are known for their strength and durability, which is why they are a popular choice. Our driveway gates are made from wrought iron, one of the strongest and most durable materials used for gates.

All of our modern wrought iron driveway gates have a strong metal frame that lasts much longer compared to other materials like wood. Wrought iron’s strength works well for manual or automatic gates because it offers resistance to bending, dents, and shock damage. Its high level of durability and resistance also supports long-term gate automation, increasing the overall longevity of the gate and decreasing the overall cost of maintenance.

Our wrought iron gates are rust-resistant and fabricated to withstand harsh elements. Our blacksmiths take extra care with our metal fabrication services to ensure your gate’s longevity.

Bespoke, Low Maintenance Designs

Each of our contemporary metal driveway gates has a unique design that will enhance the curb appeal of your home or business. Fabricated to perfectly fit into the area where your gate will be installed, all of our metal driveway gates are supplied and fitted to meet your design needs. Our design services include custom gates. We work with customers to design a new gate based on their unique requirements that we then fabricate, supply, and install.

Hardy, High Performance Finishes

Our manual and automatic gates can be finished in several ways. Normally we would treat the bare metal with hot dip galvanisation, undercoat and then finish with a final coat of your desired colour to achieve complete aesthetic appeal.

Galvanised wrought iron driveway gates are more expensive than gates that have not been galvanised, but they will cost much less to maintain over time. While galvanisation is statndard with all our gates, we also offer the option of powder coating if you want to add a protective layer but want greater flexibility with the colour and texture of the gate.

See our gate finishes page for more details.

Greater Privacy & Security

Our wrought iron gates are manufactured to perfection to ensure your premises remain secure, whether it’s your home or business. Whether it’s our manual or automated metal gates, our driveway gates feature a tall design for privacy and security to ensure your property’s safety at all times.

Increased Property Value

Wrought iron driveway entrance gates, with or without automation, can add value to your home because they offer an aesthetically pleasing look and keep the premises secure. But with Gates Scotland as your gates supplier, your modern metal driveway gates are fabricated by trained blacksmiths, which adds even more value because of their quality.

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Scotland's Leading Manufacturer of Gates & Metalwork

If you are looking for a metal driveway gate that can guarantee longevity and enhanced curbside appeal, you will find it in the Gates Scotland showroom. We are the largest manufacturer of gates, fencing and metal fabrication in Scotland.

Gates Scotland specialises in gates for residential and commercial properties. Whether you need domestic gates for a house or security gates for a business, we are trusted suppliers of high quality gates in Scotland with a wide range of metal fabrication & blacksmith services.

We cater to residential, commercial & trade customers and offer supply only through to fully managed & installed projects for residential and commercial properties.

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