Wrought Iron Driveway Gates

We can supply all types of wrought iron driveway gates for your home or business.

Gates Scotland can provide you with a large range of driveway gates of the highest quality. We offer a range of design options for your new gates to suit all budgets. From a simple, sleek modern design to large, ornate & fancy estate gates. Any design can be incorporated and we can also include a house/estate/number on the gate itself. 

Double Driveway Gates Scotland
Free Consulation & Design Service 

Sliding or swinging driveway gates?

We will survey your homes entrance and inform you which type of gate is most fit for purpose. The most common type is a swinging gate, which is mounted via fixed hinges and opens inwards. The hinges are then fixed to your wall, or if required we can install strong posts to weld the hinges to. Both methods result in a strong, long lasting gate operation!

Sliding gates are more commonly used when the other options are not possible. Sometimes we come across situations where the ground is too uneven or where a swinging driveway gate could block other areas in the open position, in which case we would recommend a sliding gate system. This would prevent a swinging gate from scraping or catching on uneven ground.

Some customers request that a sliding gate be installed when we are using heavier metals & decor as it can make opening and closing easier. Both types of gate can be fully automated using our different systems.

One of the most popular reasons for choosing a sliding driveway gate over a swinging gate is if there are items or property stored in the area behind the gate, for example, a car garage. This means that valuable space behind the gate can be saved as you do not need to swing a gate round to open it. 

Automated Driveway Gates

See our Automatic Gates page for more information.


Our wrought iron gates can be finished in several ways. Normally we would treat the bare metal with hot dip galvanization, undercoat and then finish with a final coat of your desired colour. See our finishes page for more detals.

We are based in Lanarkshire, however, we fabricate and install driveway gates in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Falkirk, Stirling, West Lothian, Edinburgh, Inverclyde & Renfrewshire. 

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