Metal (Wrought Iron) Driveway Gates Handcrafted in Scotland

Gates Scotland is a leading supplier of gates and fences. We can design, manufacture, supply and install a large range of the highest quality wrought iron metal driveway gates in Scotland and beyond.

We have a wide range of standard design options for your new gates that suit all budgets and needs. We can also design and fabricate bespoke gates based on your specifications. Any design can be fabricated, including everything from simple, sleek, modern designs to large, ornate, fancy estate gates. We can even include a property number on the gate.

Email us at or call us on 01698 629 039 to enquire about our gate fabrication and installation services. You can also schedule a free consultation and site survey. We deliver UK-wide!

Types of Wrought Iron Gates

At Gates Scotland, we offer a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial gates. Made from wrought iron, our metal gates for driveways provide high security, longevity, and curbside appeal.

Whether you opt for a standard gate from our collection or custom modern metal driveway gates, each is available in manual or electric options. Our experienced team will survey your residential or commercial property’s entrance and inform you which types of driveway gates with metal frames will work best for you.

Swinging Gates

The most common metal gate for a driveway is a swinging gate, which is mounted via fixed hinges and opens inwards. The hinges are then fixed to your wall. If required, we can install strong posts to weld the hinges. Both methods result in a robust and long-lasting gate.

Swinging driveway gates will only work for some entryways. For instance, a swinging wrought iron driveway gate could block other areas in the open position. If so, sliding metal driveway gates would be a better fit.

Swinging gates can be fabricated as either manual or electric metal driveway gates with any of our access control systems.

Sliding Gates

Metal sliding gates are more commonly used when swinging gates are not possible because the entryway is uneven. Some customers request that our sliding driveway iron gates be fabricated with heavier metals and décor as it can make opening and closing the gate easier. 

A sliding metal driveway gate from Gates Scotland comes with either a tracked or cantilever system. Tracked systems work best for an even entryway, and a cantilever works best if you have uneven ground, as the gate is lifted and operates with rollers.

Our sliding metal gates for the driveway can be installed as manual or electric gates.

Bi-Fold Gates

Folding metal driveway gates are the perfect choice if your driveway isn’t deep enough to accommodate a swinging gate or wide enough for a sliding gate. These metal folding gates are made of two panels that fold onto themselves.

Folding metal gates can be installed as both manual and automated gates. We supply and fit bi-fold metal driveway gates across the UK.

Gates Scotland has a showroom of manual and automatic gates for driveways ready to order, including bifold metal gates.

Choose Gates Scotland for top quality metal driveway gates in Glasgow and beyond. Visit our showroom in Blantyre, which features our range of wrought iron gates.

Gates Scotland - Wrought Iron Driveway Gates - Features:

Why Choose Metal Driveway Gates?

Our experienced blacksmiths fabricate both traditional and modern wrought iron gates. They can be made to measure as manual or electric gates. 

These galvanised driveway gates are extremely durable and low maintenance, but that’s not all. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you opt for a solid metal driveway gate: 

1. Strong & Durable Materials

When it comes to the entrance to your driveway, solid metal driveway gates are known for their strength and durability. That’s why driveway gates made of wrought iron are so popular.

Our modern wrought iron driveway gates have a strong metal frame that lasts much longer compared to other materials like wood. Wrought iron’s strength works well for manual and automatic gates because it offers resistance to bending, dents, and shock. Wrought iron can easily support long-term gate automation and is very low maintenance overall.

Our blacksmiths take extra care with the metal fabrication to ensure your manual or electric metal sliding driveway gates stand the test of time. Our wrought iron gates are also galvanised, making them rust-resistant and able to withstand the elements.

2. Attractive Designs

We work with each customer to design a new gate based on their unique requirements. Each of our contemporary metal driveway gates is fabricated to fit perfectly into the area where your gate will be installed. The unique design of your new iron gate for your driveway is sure to enhance the curbside appeal of your home or business.

3. High Performance Finishes

The contemporary iron gates we supply can be finished in several ways. Normally, we treat the bare metal with hot dip galvanisation, undercoat and finish with a final coat of your desired colour. This is to protect your manual or automatic gates, ensure longevity and increase the aesthetic appeal of your gates.

Galvanised wrought iron driveway gates are more expensive than gates that have not been galvanised, but they will cost much less to maintain over time. While galvanisation is standard with all our manual and electric gates, we also offer the option of powder coating. Powder coating adds a protective layer and gives you more flexibility with the colour and texture of the gate.

See our gate finishes page for more details.

4. Greater Privacy &Security

Regardless of whether you need new driveway gate and railings for your home or business, our wrought iron gates feature a tall design for added privacy.

 You may need manual or automated metal privacy driveway gates. Either way, we manufacture our wrought iron gates to work as security barriers and ensure your premises remain secure.

5. Increased Property Value

With or without automation, wrought iron driveway entrance gates can add value to your home because they offer an aesthetically pleasing look and secure your property. 

If you’d really like to spruce up your premises, electric driveway gates add a sleek aesthetic to any entryway.

Enquire online about our installation services or schedule a free consultation and entryway survey for new driveway gates in Glasgow and beyond.

Enquire online, email us at, or call us on 01698 629 039 to enquire about our installation services or schedule a free consultation and site survey.

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Gates Scotland: Leading Manufacturer of Gates & Metalwork in Scotland

Looking for a metal gates for your driveway that guarantees longevity and enhanced curbside appeal? You will find just what you need in the Gates Scotland showroom. We are the largest manufacturer of fencing and metal fabrication, along with modern wrought iron side gates and metal driveway gates in Scotland.

Gates Scotland specialises in gates for residential and commercial properties. Whether you need domestic gates for your house or security gates for your business, we are trusted suppliers of high quality gates in Scotland. Choose us for a wide range of metal fabrication and expert blacksmith services.

Gates & Fencing CAD Drawings

All our custom iron gates and railings go through a comprehensive design process.

Our custom iron driveway gates’ design process includes 2D CAD drawings. You can request 3D drawings at an extra fee to truly envision the final product. Once you’re satisfied with your gate designs, we start fabricating your driveway wrought iron gates.

We cater to residential, commercial and trade customers. At Gates Scotland, we offer supply only through fully managed and installed projects for residential and commercial properties. Our bespoke metal driveway gates are supplied and fitted in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of the UK.

Request a quote for your new metal driveway gates in Scotland today. Get in touch with us by emailing or calling us on 01698 629 039.