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Gates Scotland Ltd are leading palisade fencing contractors offering a wide range of palisade fencing solutions to protect your property or business. Metal palisade gates and fencing are an ideal solution for premises that require higher levels of security. Palisade fencing also acts as an effective boundary demarcation indicator to efficiently divide properties’ land areas. 

Perhaps the most traditional form of security fencing, this fencing system has been used for many decades and offers great value for money, strength and longevity. By installing palisade fencing around your site perimeter, the area can be kept secure all year round. It features an intimidating appearance, and because of this, it acts as an effective intrusion and theft deterrent. 

Installation Locations

We can install our security & palisade fencing throughout Scotland.

As trusted palisade fence suppliers, we offer installation across Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, South Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Falkirk, Stirling, West Lothian, Edinburgh, Dumfries & Galloway, The Borders, Carlisle, Inverclyde, Renfrewshire. We are centrally located between Glasgow & Edinburgh.

Survey – Design – Manufacture – Installation – We offer a full service.

We also deliver our palisade fencing UK wide!

Palisade Fencing - FAQ's

It is a cost effective security solution, typically installed around commercial premises. Like barbed wire, this fencing system acts as a boundary and deters intruders while being more sturdy and long-lasting than its wire counterpart.

Palisade fencing comprises of many strong vertical steel pales, bolted to horizontal rails that are then connected to RSJ steel support posts. This setup provides little footholds for intruders to use.

Our palisade fencing comes with a galvanised finish as standard to apply a protective zinc coating that can prevent rust during its lifetime.

It can then be powder coated with a top finishing layer in any RAL colour, however, typical standard colours are black or green palisade fencing. For schools or other areas sometimes brighter colours such as yellows and reds can be used.

A polyester powder coated finish is not required for palisade fencing, although it can provide a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Mesh fencing is typically more aesthetically pleasing than palisade. Palisade is typically stronger than mesh on average, although it costs more.

Yes – palisade security fencing is used UK-wide for many sectors.

The cost per metre of galvanised palisade fencing has a wide range due to several factors such as total run length (larger runs are more cost efficient), height, installation difficulty and profile/weights used.

An approximate cost per metre, installed, ranges from £70+ VAT to £150+ VAT, although there may be reasons costs could be higher. A site survey or multiple site photos would be required to cost accurately.

Palisade fencing is typically dug in with concrete or post mix. However, it is possible to install this fencing using base plates and concrete pads.

Metal palisade fencing is generally available in 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m, 2.4m and 3.0m heights.

Galvanised security fencing is typically installed in commercial areas, industrial settings and outdoor locations, such as schools, airports, distribution centres, sports areas, railways, warehouses and power stations.  

Typically the bays are 2.75m, although we can manufacture/install custom palisade security fences with widths ranging beyond this according to your specifications if required.

Palisade fences provide security by creating an effective physical barrier around commercial areas. Our galvanised steel palisade fencing is a great solution for deterring intruders, providing excellent protection to both the premises it surrounds and the people inside.

To further ensure security, we can also create a controllable access point in your metal palisade fence by installing a palisade gate in your new fencing system.

Palisade steel fencing is available in two profiles for differing levels of perceived risk: ‘D’ profile and ‘W’ profile palisade fencing.

The ‘D’ profile palisade is ideal for protecting against low to medium risks such as land division, while a ‘W’ profile palisade security fencing is designed to provide a stronger and more resistant level of boundary protection to threats such as vandalism.

Palisade fencing is designed to be a permanent security fencing system with inherent strength and high damage resistance. This means this permanent installation can generally stand against both general wear and tear on a daily basis as well as against more intentional damage.

Steel palisade fencing is a series of vertical pales or bars placed closely together with a top finish. These pointed top pales are available in various styles, such as rounded and triple pointed.

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This fencing system can also be supplied in various colours, with the most common being green and black palisade fencing systems. View our gallery for ideas on how to match up your fencing to your company branding or business aesthetic.

As its posts are usually dug into the ground and set with concrete or post mix, and due to its robust construction using hot or cold rolled steel, palisade security fencing is incredibly strong and stable. Over and above this, the steel comes galvanised as standard with the option of having it powder coated, so your palisade fencing will not rust over time.

We offer a guarantee on our metalwork finishes for a minimum of 10 years, our powder coating finishes for one year, and our welding and workmanship for three years.

In the unlikely event that your steel palisade fence system becomes damaged, it can be repaired. If the galvanised or powder coating is damaged, it can be repainted, and if any harm comes to the actual structure, it can be repaired.

Yes – the system is designed to be easily installed to run parallel on both level ground and any uneven or sloping ground.

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