Electric Aluminium Driveway Gates Handcrafted in Scotland

If you’re looking for a durable, secure, and stylish gate, you need aluminium electric gates! Gates Scotland provides first-class automated aluminium gates for driveways custom-made according to your premises and needs.

Along with adding extra protection and privacy to the entrance of your property, our automatic aluminium gates are also manufactured in various styles that will add a sleek touch to your home’s exterior.

We provide various gate motors, including above and below-ground motors. Popular automation systems include swinging, folding and sliding aluminium electric driveway gates.

We offer a full supply and installation service for our aluminium electric gates. Request a free quote or site survey today. We also deliver UK wide!

Gates Scotland - Electric Aluminum Driveway Gates - Features:

Types of Aluminium Automated Driveway Gates

When it comes to having quality gates that complete the entrance to your property, an aluminium electric driveway gate can tick every box.

We offer a wide range of opening configurations for our automated aluminium gates. All configurations can have gate motors installed either above or below ground based on the dimensions and restrictions on your property.

Aluminium Automatic Swing Gates

Aluminium swing gates for driveways are a contemporary choice for those wanting something that adds a touch of elegance to their homes. However, an aluminium swing gate does require a significant amount of open space in the area where the gate doors will swing open.

When your new high quality aluminium electric swing gates are installed, you can choose between above or below-ground gate motors.

Choose an automatic swing gate with a grand design to give your home a stately driveway that will impress your guests.

Automatic Aluminium Sliding Gate

Aluminium sliding driveway gates are a great alternative to swing gates if your driveway is not deep. Aluminium sliding gates for driveways are available as either tracked or cantilever sliding gates.

Tracked aluminium sliding gates are installed on wheels that roll along a metal track. They are most suitable for a gate opening on even ground. Cantilever aluminium electric sliding gates have a concrete foundation that supports the system, making this type of sliding gate ideal for uneven ground.

Both tracked and cantilever aluminium sliding electric gates offer the benefits of convenience, security, and strength.

Automatic Bi-Folding Aluminium Gates

Where aluminium swing gates open into the driveway, bi-fold gates fold onto themselves. Automated bi-fold driveway gates are the solution for properties where limited space prevents aluminium swing gates or sliding gates from working. Bi-fold gates are made up of two or more aluminium panels hinged together which fold instead of swing. Aluminium bi-fold driveway gates are designed for shorter entryways.

Bi-fold aluminium electric gates operate by opening from the centre like regular swing gates or from the sides. These aluminium gates can cost slightly more due to the more complex design, engineering, and installation involved.

Let Gates Scotland create a bespoke aluminium gate to finish your property perfectly. Request a free quote online for new aluminium electric gates in the UK.

Why Choose Automatic Aluminium Gates?

Some homeowners become tired of having to get in and out of their cars to open and close their manual aluminium driveway gates. Eventually, they get left open.

With automatic aluminium gates, your new gate will protect your property, enhance your privacy and add a sleek and modern aesthetic look to your home. That’s not all, though. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our sturdy automatic aluminium gates:

1. Security

Automatic aluminium gates give you total control over the entry point of your commercial property or house. 

We will custom make your new aluminium automatic gates to fit your driveway perfectly. To further increase the safety aspect of your new gates, we can also install an intercom system outside your property so you can control who is given access to your property. For this reason, aluminium security gates make a great addition to any commercial property.

2. Privacy

In addition to the added security, a high quality automated aluminium driveway gate from Gates Scotland provides your home with exceptional privacy.

Our aluminium entrance gates are designed to prevent outsiders from seeing through them. Because of the automation of your new aluminium gate, it will be closed more often than it is open. This maintains your privacy whenever it is not in use.

3. Convenience

Manually operating your aluminium entry gates can become inconvenient and time consuming. The perfect solution is an automated driveway gate. You can open and close your gate at the press of a button. Our aluminium driveway gates can also be installed with vehicle detection to close behind you automatically once your vehicle is inside.

4. Curbside Appeal 

High quality aluminium gates can give your home a more appealing entrance. The aluminium gate makes your home look more inviting to friends and family but can also increase its market value. 

Once you find the perfect design for your new aluminium automatic gates, we can create matching posts, fencing and aluminium pedestrian gates to complete your exterior with a cohesive look. Our aluminium gates are also galvanised, making them rust resistant. This ensures your aluminium gates are better protected from the elements and won’t deteriorate over time.

5. Minimal Maintenance

You won’t have to pay constant attention to your aluminium electric gate to maintain its finish. If you’re after corrosion resistance, low maintenance and lightweight gates, aluminium is the way to go.

Unlike wooden gates that require more maintenance, such as applying and reapplying finishes, our galvanised and powder coated aluminium gates are very easy to look after. They won’t rust, rot, twist, or warp and only need a periodic wipe-down with water to maintain their beauty.

6. True Value for Money

Electric driveway gates made from aluminium offer longevity and minimal maintenance, which makes them a sound investment for any home or business. Rest assured, you will spend less money and time on maintaining them in the long run.

Gates Scotland is an expert in aluminium electric gate design and installation. To be sure you are getting the best value for your money, choose us to create bespoke automatic driveway gates for your property.

7. Lightweight Yet Strong

Even though aluminium is three times lighter than steel, an aluminium gate offers exceptional durability. These gates will maintain their strength and resist corrosion for years to come. You can also combine the aluminium with galvanised steel for an even sturdier gate option.

An aluminium gate is a lightweight option among metal and wooden gates. Gate motors need to exert much less force to open and close an aluminium gate, making it a more economical option.

8. A Wide Range of Colour Choices

Aluminium driveway gates can be fabricated to look like wooden or steel gates, making them highly versatile in their style and design.

Our bespoke driveway gates made of aluminium can also be powder coated in any of the RAL colours, allowing you to match them to your property’s aesthetic. You could use the gates to create accent features for your property’s exterior.

9. Advanced Access Control Systems 

Aluminium gates can be fitted with access control systems. We provide gate motors and automation systems that range from basic control access devices to advanced video intercom and GSM systems. Access control systems are designed to give you sophisticated property protection and control, even while on holiday.

Our automation and access control options include:

• GSM intercoms
• WiFi and IP systems
• Vehicle detectors and radar detectors
• Magnetic and electric locks
• Electric keeps
• Remote fobs
• Underground loops
• Keypads
• Proximity readers

Our highly trained team will ensure your new gate and automation system are working correctly during your aluminium gate installation.

Upgrade your aluminium sliding gate, swing gate, or bi-fold gate by adding one of our first-class automation systems. If you need advice on the best gate automation system for your property, contact us. We will happily guide you on what each system entails and how it can enhance your home.

Aluminium driveway gates with automation systems bring you and your family convenience and safety at the push of a button. Request a free quote for your new aluminium sliding gates in the UK.

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