Tall Composite Side Gates

Metal Framed Side Gates with Robust Composite Panels

The trusted way to add security and style to the side entrance of your property is by installing composite side gates with metal frames from Gates Scotland.

Our composite clad pedestrian side gates are a durable, low maintenance, and environmentally-friendly alternative to real wood gates. Gates Scotland uses Next Gen Composite for all of our pedestrian gates — the latest in composite cladding for gates.

Supplied in various colour and texture options, our metal framed side gates are manufactured bespoke to your requirements, giving you a huge range of styles and designs to choose from.

If you’re ready to install stylish and versatile composite side gates on your property, request a quote and free site survey from Gates Scotland today!

CSG105 Composite Tall Side Gate
tall composite side gate

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Advantages of Tall Pedestrian Gates

Side gates, unlike short garden gates, allow you to secure the side or back entrance of your property through a narrow entryway. But that is not the only reason to install one. Here are some of the advantages of installing one of our composite back gates or side gates:


tall composite side gate

1. Aesthetic & Curb Appeal

When installed, our modern composite and wrought iron side gates can make your property more aesthetically pleasing, thus raising your curb appeal. Matching fencing or matching composite driveway gates can also be installed to bring the whole look together.

2. Easy Access to Your Property

Our metal framed composite board side gates provide you and your family with easy access to your house. Installing one of our modern side gates on your property means you have another secure entry point alongside your driveway gate.

With our metal framed side gates, access to your property is as simple as turning a key in a lock or as easy as pressing a button.

composite tall side gate

3. Increased Security

Our side gates can be produced in various sizes to ensure that once fitted, it is securely in place. When installed, our composite board side gates with a wrought iron frame will provide your property with an added barrier for protection and security.

For excellent service and an easy ordering process, contact Gates Scotland about having new single or double gates made for your home.

Tall Composite Side Gate Features:

Our Composite Side Gate Features

There are many benefits to ordering a metal framed composite gate from Gates Scotland. From our protective finishes to our automation and access control options, you won’t be buying just any old garden gate.

Here are some of the features you can expect from your new bespoke metal framed composite gate:

Protective Finishes — Galvanising & Powder Coating

To ensure we supply you with products that last, we provide the following finishing options:

Galvanised — Standard

To ensure our products are long-lasting, the metal frame of your composite pedestrian gate will be galvanised. This is done with non-corrosive zinc to protect your composite gate frames from the elements, as well as prevent the occurrence of rust.

Once this process is complete, we can also finish your metal framed side gate with a specialist paint designed to be applied to galvanised work.

Powder Coating — Optional

Powder coating provides a protective top coat to your composite gate’s metalwork.

Based on your preferences, we can powder coat your side gate frame in any of the RAL colours, such as anthracite grey or chocolate brown.

Design Versatility

We offer an extensive range of colours and design options when it comes to wrought iron framed composite gates, so your composite gate can be anything from sleek and modern to timeless and traditional.

The composite boards we use come in four different colours for you to choose from: Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Black, and Mahogany.

Because of our bespoke design capabilities, if you are unable to find what you are looking for at our showroom, we will custom make your composite gate to meet your specific design requirements.

2D Modelling & CAD Drawings

We want to help you both visualise and actualise your dream gate. That’s why we use 2D modelling and 3D CAD drawings in the design process of our metal framed pedestrian composite gates.

Our 3D CAD drawings allow you to view every detail of the new composite gate you want to have installed before we start the manufacturing process.

Eco Friendly Next Gen Composite

Gates Scotland is the exclusive supplier of Next Gen composite cladding, which we use to clad our metal framed side gates. These synthetic hardwood panels are made from 100% recycled polymers, and its unique features make it a superior option over a traditional composite panel.

Some of the benefits of this sustainable and eco-friendly composite board include water and dirt resistance and a high UV resistance. This long life product also has no timber content, making it extremely durable and less vulnerable to splitting and warping.

Bespoke, Made to Measure Composite Gates

All of our products, including our pedestrian composite gates with wrought iron frames, are made to measure.

We don’t make you pick from set sizes and just hope they fit. Rather, upon a site survey, our team will take precise measurements of where your side gate will go. This will ensure that your gate is designed to fit your property exactly, no matter the dimensions.

Automation & Access Control Options

With Gates Scotland, you will also have the option of automating your composite gate for greater convenience. Browse through our modern access control systems to find the right option for your new side gate.

Above or Below Ground Post Installation

Upon installation, you have the option of deciding whether you would like your gate posts to be installed in the ground or base plated at ground level. If you need any advice in this regard, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for more information.

Various Supply Package Options

We offer different packages when it comes to the delivery and installation of your metal framed pedestrian composite gate.

Supply Only & Trade

With our supply only and trade packages, we will design and fabricate your composite gate to meet your requirements and then let you handle the installation process yourself.

Supply & Install

Our supply and install package provides you with a stress-free installation process. We will design, fabricate, and install your metal framed side gate for you, hassle-free.

For all of this and more, order your new composite back gate or side gate from Gates Scotland.

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Choose Gates Scotland for Metal Framed Composite Side Gates in the UK

We are one of Scotland’s most trusted suppliers of bespoke gates, so you can feel confident when you choose Gates Scotland to manufacture your new composite and wrought iron pedestrian gate.

From the materials used for our metal frames and composite gate panels to our workmanship, we offer only the highest quality.

And with our extensive range of composite gate designs, you are sure to find one that is suitable for your property, with matching fencing or railings too.

Our Team of Experts

Our expert team of engineers, blacksmiths, and fabricators understand that composition and strength are vital when it comes to creating high quality pedestrian composite gates with wrought iron frames. With our tried, tested, and efficient process, we have the expertise needed to create premium products that are durable and of the highest quality.

Order bespoke composite side gates with metal frames from Gates Scotland today!