Handcrafted Aluminium Driveway Gates with Stylish Finishes

Are you looking for the perfect combination of security and style? Enhance your home’s appearance and privacy with standard or bespoke aluminium driveway gates from Scotland’s leading manufacturer of gates, fencing, and metalwork.

We have an extensive range of expertly crafted aluminium driveway gates and the option to design aluminium driveway gates in Scotland and beyond according to your unique specifications.

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Gates Scotland - Aluminium Driveway Gates - Features:

Automatic Gates

A large percentage of manual gates are generally left in the open position, due to the inconvenience of having to get out of your vehicle to open and close them.

Manual Gates

This gives the strength & longevity of a wrought iron gate with security & privacy provided by the timber cladding. We also offer aluminium gates in this range. ​

Railings & Fencing

We can manufacture and install a large range of metal railings & fences for your home & property. Our made to order railings are made from durable wrought iron by our blacksmiths.

Metal Fabrication

Fire Escapes, Disabled Access Ramps, Staircases, Palisade Fencing, Commercial Gates, Domestic Gates & Railings, Safety Handrails, Iron Railings & Fencing, Balconies & Juliettes, Balustrades

Types Of Aluminium Driveway Gates

Our range of modern aluminium gates includes manual and electric sliding driveway gates that are lightweight, tough, and weather-resistant while being easy on the eye. Making our aluminium driveway gates perfect for your new gate.

Manual Aluminium Gates

We manufacture traditional manual aluminium gates, including cost-effective pedestrian gates that include lock and drop bolts.

Manual aluminium gates are ideal if your property has limited space and cannot accommodate a gate automation system.

We supply manual sliding driveway gates and bi-fold gates.

Automatic Gates

Our electric aluminium driveway gates range is extremely popular. Many customers prefer automatic aluminium gates because of the convenience they afford the homeowner.

Our automatic sliding driveway gates are made with industry-standard technology, and you can choose from our available range, or we can design the aluminium gate of your dreams.

Aluminium Swing Gates

Our range of swing gates is a good choice if you want automatic gates that enhance privacy, safety, and aesthetic appeal. All our aluminium gates in Glasgow and the greater UK include delivery and installation by our experienced team.

These double gates require a spacious driveway so the automated aluminium gates don’t hit any parked cars or objects when swinging open or closed.

Sliding Aluminium Gates

Sliding metal gates are a good option if your entranceway is too small for a swing gate. Our manual or electric aluminium sliding gates can be installed as tracked or cantilever sliding gates.

Tracked sliding gates are installed with wheels that run on a track and are best suited if you have even ground across your gate opening. Our motorised system can be installed above or below ground for our tracked sliding automatic driveway gates depending on your needs and space.

A cantilever sliding gate is trackless and suspended above the ground, making it better suited for driveways with uneven ground.

Bi-Fold Aluminium Gates

Bi-fold gates can either fold onto themselves from the sides or open from the centre like traditional swing gates. We supply bi-folding driveway gates in Scotland for smaller entryways where neither swing gates nor a sliding gate would work.

Our fast-acting, double-motorised gate systems are ideal for minimal spaces. If your entryway is too small to accommodate our bi folding aluminium electric gates, we also supply manual bi-folding gates.

Order aluminium gates online that you can trust to stand the test of time. Get in touch with us at info@gates-scotland.co.uk or on 01698 629 039 to find out more.

Free Consultation & Design Service

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The Benefits Of Aluminium Driveway Gates

Whether you want new driveway aluminium gates or an aluminium pedestrian gate combo, our aluminium range will not let you down.

1. Safety

Your safety is our priority when we install your electric aluminium gates. Our highly qualified team will ensure all safety devices and automation equipment are correctly installed for your electric gates. This prevents the aluminium gates from opening or closing when people are nearby and allows the automation system to automatically stop and reverse the gates if there is resistance.

Our range also includes various aluminium fences, railings, side gates, and other domestic gates to keep your residential property safe. All our gates follow the legal regulations we take very seriously, ensuring you receive the best sliding aluminium gates.

2. Residential, Commercial & Industrial Security Solutions

Many of our aluminium gates are made for private homes. However, we also manufacture robust and efficient electric driveway gates and railings for industrial and commercial premises.

A fantastic match is our industrial gates and CSM intercom system. This system allows someone to call your office from the gate. Allowing your receptionist to clear the person before opening the gate without having to go outside to your commercial gates.

Whether you need aluminium fencing, a gate for the driveway entrance of your home, or to secure an industrial building, an aluminium gate from Gates Scotland will meet all your needs.

3. Gate Access Control

We offer a range of remote control access systems for our range of aluminium gates.

With our automated driveway gates, you can open and close your gates using a remote. You won’t need to go outside or let the gates stand open waiting for you to close them.

We custom-design each access control system to suit your needs. Our systems also have a fail-safe manual release mechanism, ensuring your electric gates remain functional during a power cut.

4. Style & Flair for Your Aluminium Gate

Our aluminium entrance gates are not only functional but also attractive! We can incorporate railings, designs, and shapes to match the style of your property or home.

You’ll have the choice of a realistic wood finish (oak or walnut) or a powder-coated RAL colour to complement the gate’s frame and posts. Giving your gate a maintenance-free finish with colours that match your aesthetic.

We take great pride in our fabrication process and available colours and finishes. Our work is of the highest standard, and we spare no effort in ensuring you get the best quality at the best prices!

5. Durable, Low-Maintenance Material

All our aluminium gates for sale are lightweight and durable. We ensure longevity and practicality when you choose an aluminium driveway gate from Gates Scotland.

Aluminium gates are incredibly corrosion-resistant, making them perfect for rainy climates! We also offer powder coating for your aluminium driveway gate, making it virtually maintenance-free.

While our aluminium driveway gates are available at competitive prices, you can be assured that we don’t compromise on the quality of our gates.

6. Combines with Steel

Our driveway gates are manufactured from aluminium or a combination of aluminium and galvanised or powder-coated steel, making it a great alternative to our wrought iron gates. You can choose from our available standard gates, or we can fabricate a gate for you according to your exact requirements.

If you choose a gate made from a combination of steel and aluminium. You can rest assured that all our steel products are galvanised to enhance durability and prevent the natural process of erosion. Posts (in-ground or base-plated) can also be supplied and installed according to your needs. 

Secure your property with aluminium driveway gates from Gate Scotland today. We supply and install standard and bespoke aluminium driveway gates in Glasgow & beyond.

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Gates Scotland: Producers of Durable Aluminium Driveway Gates

Gates Scotland is Scotland’s leading gate manufacturer with over 30 years of experience.

Our team consists of specialist craftsmen and employees who will leave no stone unturned in providing you with the best service possible.

If you need cast aluminium gates made to measure, you can rest assured we will meet all your requirements. Our process includes taking detailed measurements and drafting CAD drawings before we start fabricating your gate.

If you are in the area and would like to look at our range of aluminium gates and railings in person before purchasing, we invite you to visit our showroom and workshop complex in Blantyre in central Scotland. Our specialists are ready to help you find the gate of your dreams!

Expertise You Can Trust

Every aluminium gate we manufacture is designed by gating and fencing experts. Our experienced fabrication team of blacksmiths, fabricators and engineers ensure that our knowledge and skill remain unparalleled from design to delivery.

We are happy to advise you regarding your unique needs if you are unsure of the size or design you require. Simply give us a call or send us an email, and our team of gate specialists will be delighted to assist you!

Delivery & Installation

Once your aluminium gate has been manufactured, we can deliver your order and complete the installation. Alternatively, we can supply your aluminium gates for collection or delivery, and you can complete the installation yourself.

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom.

Order your new aluminium driveway gates in the UK from Gates Scotland today!

Enquire online, email us – info@gates-scotland.co.uk or call today on 01698 629 039.