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We offer design and fabrication services for metal driveway gates, metal path gates, metal automatic gates, tall metal side gates and more.

Don’t see a design you like or require custom metal gates? Contact us and we will be happy to assist with designing and manufacturing custom wrought iron gates for your property needs. We design and manufacture custom metal gates in Scotland and the greater UK for all your metal entrance gate needs.

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Types of Wrought Iron Gates

We design and manufacture manual and electric wrought iron gates for all types of properties and purposes. If you don’t find what you’re looking for among our commercial and domestic gates, we can design and fabricate wrought iron gates according to your exact specifications.

Whether you choose a wrought iron gate from our standard designs or have a metal gate custom-designed and fabricated, you can be sure that your solid metal driveway gates will exceed your expectations in every way.

Our sliding wrought iron gates are supplied and fitted by our team of highly skilled gate experts. Below are just some of the gates we can supply.

Metal Driveway Gates

Our wrought iron driveway gates are one of our most popular gate options. Our standard and made-to-measure wrought iron gates don’t just provide security, they elevate the style of your property.

We can manufacture your wrought iron driveway gates according to any design. Based on the amount of space on your property, we can also offer you multiple options when it comes to choosing the opening configuration for your new wrought iron driveway gate.

Sliding Gates

Whether you’re looking for manual or electric gates, sliding driveway gates are practical and stylish. If your driveway has limited space or uneven ground, a sliding gate can be a simple, cost-effective and efficient solution.

Swinging Gates

Many of our customers love the grand effect of swing gates, especially when they are automated. We can mount hinges onto existing walls or install strong wrought iron gate posts to mount them. Upon survey, we can advise you on how this type of gate will work best on your property.

Bi Fold Gates

In cases where there is not enough space for a swinging gate, we can use a bi fold mechanism on your wrought iron driveway gates. Metal bi-folding gates are ideal for narrow driveways with insufficient depth to accommodate the swing of a full-sized gate. Our bi folding metal front gates have a number of hinged leaves that fold back on themselves, providing a shorter swing path when opening. This is also achievable for both manual and automatic gates.

Tall Metal Side Gates

When it comes to smaller outdoor metal gates, our wrought iron side gates make an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home while also increasing security. We can supply and install these wrought iron pedestrian gates in a design of your choice. Browse our gallery for inspiration on our tall metal gates!

Electric Metal Gates

Nothing says convenience and style like automation!

As with our manual gates, we offer a wide range of designs for our metal automatic gates and the option of creating a custom-made electric metal gate just for you. Our automatic wrought iron gates are supplied and fitted according to your needs. Our options include above or below-ground automation, GSM intercoms, and a completely custom-designed access control system.

All the electric gates in our range are made from strong and durable wrought iron, which means they require little to no maintenance, depending on the finish you choose.

Metal Railings & Fencing

While we are proud of the solid metal gates we fabricate, our services are not limited to gates. We can manufacture fencing and railings in wrought iron, too. We can design and fabricate metal fencing barriers in place of a boundary wall or even add wall top railings to your existing walls.

We are also able to install handrails for balconies to ensure your safety. Whichever way you choose to go; you can rest assured that our high-quality wrought iron railings will provide security and style to the exterior of your property.

Chat with us about your fabrication and installation needs for your wrought iron gates and fencing and we will ensure you get the gates and railings that tick all your boxes.

Get in touch with us to request a free no-obligation quote and site survey for your new metal driveway gates in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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Tall Metal Driveway Gate
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Metal Automatic Gates

Why Choose Wrought Iron Gates?

Our metal gates and fences work exceptionally well in residential or commercial properties. Here are some benefits you could have if you choose one of our standard or bespoke gates or railings solutions.

1. Enhanced Safety & Security

Our high-quality wrought iron gates and railings make a great addition or upgrade to your home’s safety. Our wrought iron side gate selection is also a convenient addition that makes getting in and out of your property easy.

When installing your standard or custom gate, we take your security and safety very seriously. Our installation team will ensure all automatic systems are in working condition and that your automated or manual gate works correctly.

For commercial properties, our automatic wrought iron security gates and our CMS intercom system are among our best safety options.

2. Traditional or Bespoke Metal Entrance

We are able to design and fabricate any custom metal gate and railings for your home or commercial property. We offer metal gates supplied that and fitted by a team of highly skilled gate experts.

Our process for bespoke wrought iron gates starts when our skilled team surveys your entryway. The design team creates gate designs according to your specifications. Our designs come standard with gates and fencing CAD drawings.

Once you’re happy with the designs, we start fabricating your made-to-measure metal gates; our metal entrance gates and fencing are galvanised as a standard. Once this process is complete we move over to installation.

Our team tests and ensures all your new automatic systems are in working condition and that you understand how your new gate works.

3. Protective Wrought Iron Gate Finishes

Whether you are looking for a metal gate frame or full ornamental wrought iron electric gates, the right finishes will ensure they last.

The Galvanised Guarantee

The benefits and beauty of our high-quality galvanised wrought iron gates are multifaceted. That is why, as a standard, we galvanise all of our products. Galvanising means that your metal gates made to measure will be coated in a layer of non-corrosive zinc to protect them from the elements and prevent rusting (an important feature for outdoor gates).

Powder Coating for Colourful Protection

You also have the option of powder-coated metal gates, which provide a top coat in the colour of your choice and a maintenance-free finish. Chat with us about your requirements, and we will advise you on the best finishes for your metal gates and fencing.

Have any questions? Get in touch with us on 01698 629 039 to speak to our highly trained gate experts about our range of wrought iron gates in Scotland

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Gates Scotland: Trusted Metal Fabrication Experts in the UK

When it comes to high-quality gates and railings made from wrought iron, Gates Scotland has you covered. We aim to offer the best-wrought iron gates in Scotland. From our solid wrought iron, composite and timber gates to our packages for automatic gates and other value-added offerings, we take pride in our expertise and level of quality.

Our team has years of experience in the fabrication of metal gates, as well as countless other wrought iron solutions for commercial and domestic properties. All our work is fabricated by our team of dedicated blacksmiths, fabricators and engineers who know what it takes to deliver the best quality manual and automatic gates. Whether you need a simple handmade metal gate for your home or custom-designed wrought iron automated gates, we ensure that every job we take on gets the care and attention it needs to meet our high standards.

We deliver across Scotland including areas such as Stirling, Ayrshire, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Wrought Iron Gates Made Simple

We are experts in wrought iron railings, fencing and metal gates in Scotland and beyond so you can come to us for all your boundary and access point needs.

We cater to a wide range of customers — including residential, commercial and trade — offering supply-only options through fully managed metal gate installation packages. Order your wrought iron gates in Scotland from Gates Scotland for manual or automatic gates that last.

We offer solid wrought iron driveway entrance gates and a range of metal framed composite infills and metal framed timber gates. Our composite infills are extremely durable and rot, dirt and UV resistant.

To learn more about our wrought iron metal gates for sale, enquire online, email us at, or call today on 01698 629 039 for a free no-obligation quote and consultation on our metal gates in Scotland.