What is an automatic traffic barrier?

Automatic side arm barriers or, sometimes known as automatic rising arm barriers or automatic traffic barriers, are mechanised gates designed to control vehicle access to a particular location.

They’re frequently utilised in car parks, private residential areas and commercial properties to maintain security in private areas and manage traffic efficiently.

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Why choose Gates Scotland Ltd for your barrier solution & installation?

Gates Scotland Ltd is a leading provider of automatic traffic barriers across Scotland. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service, and bespoke arm barrier solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Our service areas predominantly cover Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the Central Belt, although we cater to the whole of Scotland.

We are market leaders in the gate, fencing & barrier industry, with decades of experience. See our review reputation online.

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What are car park barriers called?

The parking barrier is often known as an automatic car park barrier, boom barrier, automatic rising arm barrier and vehicle barriers.

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How do these barriers work?

They operate by an electronic mechanism that lifts and lowers the barrier arm. This movement can be triggered by various control systems, which range from simple remote controls to complex integrated security systems with vehicle identification capabilities.

The operation of these barriers can be tailored to meet specific security needs.

How much do automatic traffic barriers cost?

The cost of automatic traffic barriers varies depending on the type, complexity, and additional features of the barrier system. At Gates Scotland Ltd, we offer competitive pricing without compromising quality and durability.

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Where are automatic barriers normally used?

These arm barriers are commonly used in various locations such as commercial car parks, residential complexes, toll booths, and industrial sites/industrial premises to control vehicle access. 

They provide a cost-effective and efficient method of managing traffic and enhancing site security.

How often do electric traffic barriers need to be maintained?

Maintenance frequency for electric traffic barriers can depend on their usage and environment. Typically, a barrier that experiences high traffic flow might require more regular checks and maintenance.

Gates Scotland Ltd recommends a regular maintenance schedule to ensure your automatic barriers remain in top condition.

How are automatic traffic barriers controlled for access?

Automatic traffic arm barriers can be controlled via several methods including remote controls, keypads, token or card systems, or advanced systems that recognise vehicle registration plates.

At Gates Scotland Ltd, we work with our clients to implement a control system that best suits their needs.

Why do businesses need traffic barriers?

Traffic barriers provide businesses with control over vehicular access to their premises. They play an essential role in security and car park management, preventing unauthorised vehicles from access, managing traffic flow, and providing a safe and orderly parking environment.

Car park management is crucial for areas where parking is abused, to protect your parking spaces. A bottom skirt prevents pedestrians going under the parking barriers.

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What safety and accessories are available for an arm barrier?

Safety is paramount in the design and operation of car park barrier barriers. These systems often include safety features such as infrared sensors or pressure sensitive edges that stop the car park barrier, if an obstacle is detected. Regular maintenance checks are crucial to ensure these safety features function correctly.

We also offer a variety of accessories for our traffic barrier systems, including LED boom lights for visibility, signage, remote controls, token or card systems for access control, and many others to enhance usability and security of parking barriers.

ANPR – Automatic number plate recognition can be used to control the entry/exit of vehicles from your premises or car park. Safety photocells and laser curtains are also available.

What boom lengths are available (barrier arm length)?

Beam length is dictated by the road space available. 3m to 8m booms are available, along with bottom skirt if required.

Double barrier setups can be used for larger openings (for example, 2 x 5m boom length barriers.)

Can ANPR - Automatic number plate recognition be used with traffic barriers?

Yes we can install ANPR systems with your barrier, along with many other access control options.

Roger Brushless Technology - Bionik Traffic Barrier Series

Automated Barrier Kits

The brushless Bionik barrier range by Roger Technology has become a revolutionary standard for all future entry barrier systems. Its unique design and features make it an ideal solution choice for professional installations across residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

Thanks to its brushless motor, this barrier is perfectly suited for intensive use settings, including car parks and access control points. It also comes with an array of additional features such as battery backup for up to 1000 operations, magnetic end support, and compatibility with solar power.

Unparalleled Barrier Durability

The Bionik barrier’s impressive reliability adjustable speed is mechanically achieved through the use of helicoidal and angled gear teeth – a signature of the Roger Technology range. Its brushless magnet motor eliminates friction and heat, allowing it to operate non-stop with a 100% heavy duty full cycle.

Furthermore, the barrier’s electronic controller uses mosfet switches instead of relays, enhancing its overall efficiency. Extremely heavy duty.

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