Metal Framed Bi Fold Gates with Robust Composite Cladding

Metal framed bi fold gates with composite infill are a smart and stylish choice for compact driveway areas that don’t have enough space for standard swing or sliding gates.

These composite bi fold gates are designed for compact driveway areas that have insufficient depth to accommodate the swing of a full-size gate leaf when a vehicle is parked. Our bi fold gates have multiple hinged leafs that fold back on themselves, allowing them to open with a reduced swing path. We can manufacture and install manual and automatic bi fold driveway gates with various access control features, such as GSM intercom systems.

You are spoiled for choice when buying composite folding gates for driveways from Gates Scotland — we have a wide range of design options for our bi fold gates at our showroom, as well as the option to design your own bespoke gates. Whichever you choose, you will get stylish composite cladding options using low maintenance Next Gen Composite cladding in timeless colour options such as Anthracite Grey, Golden Oak, Black, and Mahogany.

Find the right gate for your driveway in our ready-to-order composite folding gate collection or opt for a custom composite gate using our in-house gate design service.

composite bi fold gates in color black and grey
composite bi fold gates

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Composite Bi Fold Gate Features:

Types of Composite Bi Fold Driveway Gates

Crafted by our gate experts, our composite bi folding gate range includes a wide variety of premium gates, including manual and electric options.

Composite Bi Fold Driveway Gate

Automatic Bi Fold Gates

Electric bi folding gates offer the ultimate convenience to homeowners because it allows you to open and close a gate with the press of a button.

With instant access control, you can easily operate your gate from inside your car or house without having to go outside and manually open or close it. Although electric bi fold gates are preferred over manual options, they can be more expensive to maintain.

Manual Bi Fold Gates

Manual bi fold driveway gates are controlled by hand and don’t require any form of automation to open or close. However, for safety purposes, these gates need a lock that must be manually latched and unlocked or locked whenever opening or closing the gate.

These gates are traditional in operation but very popular because they are more affordable to maintain in the long term. Since no automation is required, installation is also much simpler.

composite bi fold gate in color black and grey folded

For strong and durable folding composite gates from a leading gate manufacturer in the UK, order your new gates from Gates Scotland today!

Benefits of Composite Infill Driveway Gates

If you want a high quality driveway gate but have minimal space, then a composite bi fold gate is just what you need — whether you prefer a manual or automatic option. The value these gates add to your home is unrivalled because of their many excellent features.

Optimal Safety & Security

Our composite infill and metal framed bi fold driveway gates are manufactured with strong materials and to the highest quality standards to ensure durability and reliability when it comes to the safety and security of your property.

Manufactured with strong wrought iron frames, hardy drop bolts, and solid Next Gen Composite cladding in 2, 3, and 4 leaf configurations, our composite bi fold driveway gates will ensure you feel protected at all times.

composite bi fold driveway gate in black and grey
composite bi fold gate

Enhanced Privacy

With tall designs and solid infills, our manual and automatic composite driveway gates prevent people from seeing beyond the gates, which adds privacy to your premises.

Before installing your new gate, our expert team will measure the area of your premises and advise on the most suitable gate height and width to ensure you get maximum privacy.

Increased Curb Appeal & Property Value

There are many reasons why our customers opt for composite bi fold gates for driveways, but one of the biggest reasons is to enhance curb appeal and increase the property’s value.

Along with adding value by providing security and privacy, a gate from our range also adds a stylish touch to your outdoor space, which increases the aesthetic appeal of your property.

composite bi fold driveway gate

Features of our Composite Bi Fold Metal Gates

Strength & Durability

Our composite bi fold metal gates are manufactured with strong wrought iron and durable Next Gen Composite boards to offer a solid solution that will stand the test of time.

Made Bespoke

If you want a gate that is unique to your home, our team can help you create the gate of your dreams by designing and manufacturing a folding gate to your exact specifications.


Each of our bi fold metal driveway gates with composite infill are galvanised as a standard to offer protection and ensure the longevity of your gate for years to come.

Powder Coated

We can also give your new gate a powder coated finish in the RAL colour of your choice. This additional finish protects and maintains the wrought iron frame of your composite gate for longer and ensures a maintenance free finish for added convenience.

A Range of Cladding Options

Our composite boards are made from Next Gen Composite and are available in various colours and styles. These Next Gen Composite boards are made from a durable synthetic hardwood that mimics the look, texture, and strength of timber. Composite 'wood' gates are also UV and water resistant, which means the colours are less likely to fade over time and will be protected against rotting, staining, and water ingress.

Request a quote for your new composite gates in Scotland online today or get in touch with our expert team for free advice on 01698 629 039 or at!

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Supply Only or Supply & Install Composite Bi Fold Gates, UK

If you need a new driveway gate, you can’t go wrong with one from Gates Scotland’s modern composite driveway gate range.

As a leading composite bi fold driveway gate supplier in Scotland, we are focused on delivering exceptional quality products with our supply only and supply & install packages.

We understand the importance of the design and manufacturing process, which is why we ensure you are completely happy with the design of your new gate before it is manufactured and after it is installed while striving to produce gates that meet the highest quality standards.

2D Modelling & CAD Drawings Available

We have a professional team of designers that can provide 2D & 3D modelling CAD drawings to give you a better idea of what your gates will look like before we make them. This ensures that you are 100% satisfied with the look of your new composite driveway gate before we start the manufacturing and installation process.

Delivery & Installation

At Gates Scotland, we are committed to delivering excellent quality every step of the way, from the moment you enquire through to the manufacturing process and delivery and installation phases. We aim to deliver and install the best quality bi folding gates for driveways in Scotland and throughout the UK, so you can rest assured that you will get first class customer service and premium gates you can rely on to last.

Order your low maintenance bi folding driveway gates with composite boards and metal frames from Gates Scotland today!