Galvanizing - Provided As Standard

We galvanise all our products as standard.

This process coats the iron or steel fabrication with a layer of non-corrosive zinc. It protects your gates or railings from the elements and prevents rusting, an ideal solution for coastal areas.

During the process the metal is dipped in a molten bath of zinc at temperatures over 460 degrees. This allows the zinc to bond to the bare metal fabrication and create a durable protective coating that will last a lifetime.

Once the galvanization process is complete we can finish your gates & railings with a specialist paint, designed to be applied to galvanized metalwork. This is optional depending on your requirements or specification.The galvanization leaves a silver finish which many customers opt for.

Metal Path & Garden Gates
Metal Path & Garden Gates

Powder Coating

Powder coating is used to provide a top coat, and subsequently a colour, to metal products.

We can powder coat your gates, railings, handrails or window grilles if required. Powder coating gives a maintenance free finish as you do not need to reapply the coating every few years like paint.

This finish is achieved by applying an electrically charged powder coating material to the bare gates or railings, then, the item is placed into an oven at around 150 to 200 degrees to cure it. This gives a solid coating of a plastic like material over the entire surface area of the metal.