Aluminium Fencing & Wall Tops Gallery

Aluminium fencing and wall tops are excellent choices for privacy and security. Aluminium is an excellent option for adding character to your home, making it the ideal fencing solution for the front or backyard. It is far more weather-resistant than wood and will not oxidise or rust like many other fencing materials. Aluminium is also a non-ferrous material, as it does not contain iron. This contributes to its adaptability and resistance to corrosion.  Although the cost of aluminium is higher than other materials, aluminium fence posts are still preferred because they are durable, strong, and easy to maintain. The long-lasting nature of aluminium fences and wall tops makes them a wise investment for residential and commercial properties.

“Aluminium fencing and wall tops” is a term that refers to the aluminium panels that cover the top of fences and walls. These panels add style and function to your property. They are rackable compared to heavier and sturdier structures because they are available as panels that get screwed together. However, for an aluminium fence to be rackable, it must also fit the grade of the landscape.

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