Composite Pedestrian Gates Gallery

Composite gates offer durability and are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions, including strong wind and storms. These gates are also easy to install, long lasting, and extremely low maintenance. There is no risk of the gates splitting, rotting, or warping, and no need to treat or stain them ever again!

Although composite gates may be more expensive than other types initially, such as timber, you save money with them in the long run. Composite fencing does not need annual maintenance to preserve it, including staining or treating — both of which are expensive and time-consuming processes.

We have a wide range of environmentally-friendly composite gate types, including Composite Driveway Gates, Tall Composite Side Gates, Composite Sliding Gates, Composite Bi-Fold Gates, and Electric Composite Gates. Browse through our gallery of composite pedestrian gates and contact us for more information or to get yours.

Please click on our gallery if you wish to view a collection of images. Our composite gates include a wide range of real-life installations and a selection of 2D models. We manufacture our products and design them to suit manual or automatic operation. It is also possible to make composite gates as swing gates, sliding gates, or bi-fold gates.