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Automatic Gates

A large percentage of manual gates are generally left in the open position, due to the inconvenience of having to get out of your vehicle to open and close them.

Manual Gates

This gives the strength & longevity of a wrought iron gate with security & privacy provided by the timber cladding. We also offer aluminium gates in this range. ​

Railings & Fencing

We can manufacture and install a large range of metal railings & fences for your home & property. Our made to order railings are made from durable wrought iron by our blacksmiths.

Metal Fabrication

Fire Escapes, Disabled Access Ramps, Staircases, Palisade Fencing, Commercial Gates, Domestic Gates & Railings, Safety Handrails, Iron Railings & Fencing, Balconies & Juliettes, Balustrades

Free Consulation & Design Service

Gates & Railings – Driveway Gates – Wrought Iron Gates – Path Gates – Metal Fences – Balconies – Wall Top Railings – Automatic Gates – Handrails – Barriers – Window Grilles – Safety Handrails – Aluminium Gates – Garden Gates – Wrought Iron Railings – Metal Framed Timber Infill Gates – Wrought Iron Garden Decor – Wall Handrails

The Gates Scotland Process

Give our friendly team a call on 01698 629039 or use the contact us link and enter your details. Even if you are just curious of how much it would cost to have gates or railings installed at your property in Cambuslang we can advise!

We will arrange an appointment to come visit your property at a time that suits you. We make ourselves available 7 days a week and throughout the evenings as we understand these are usually the most convenient times for our customers.

On site we will measure the gap for your driveway gates or railings and pick a suitable design to fit your needs. We will then help you through the design process by showing you different styles and finishes then make as many amendments to the design as you require, until you are 100% satisfied!

Once we have a final design we can provide you with a quote, and upon acceptance we will give you an estimated installation date. For the best electric gates Motherwell has to offer, let us showcase what we can offer you!

We will keep you updated through the manufacturing process and advise when we will be arriving to install your new fabrication. After installing the  we will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the quality craftsmanship we have provided before invoicing you for payment.

Finally, we guarantee our workmanship to give you peace of mind!

Painting & Finishes

We will advise you on the best available finishes for your new fabrication, whether it be metal garden gates, railings or window grilles. Some customers may require galvanizing which is explained on our galvanizing page.

Our gates are of the highest quality, made from the best wrought iron, fabricated by hand in our workshops. We only have experienced welders in the team who can fabricate a wide range of wrought iron creations in Cambuslang.

Benefits of Installing Driveway Gates, Railings & Window Grilles


  • Increased security

  • Improve the aesthetics of your property

  • Increase the value of your property

  • Potential for increased privacy depending on design

  • Safety for young children or dogs/animals. Keep them on your property and not on the street!

  • Having an impressive set of wrought iron driveway gates conveys that you are a security conscious household.

  • Prevent the public using your property as a turning point or entering your driveway.

  • Also prevents people parking on your property, especially in the busy areas of Cambuslang where parking is in high demand

  • Stops unsolicited sales calls especially with a camera entry system.

  • Thieves and burglars are known to operate in this area. Secure your property with gates & railings from Gates Scotland today.



We pride ourselves on excellent value for money pricing and are happy to beat like for like quotes from companies in the Cambuslang area. Remember, we do not sell cheap gates… We install high quality gates at excellent prices! Get a great deal on any of the fabrications we offer from metal handrails to wrought iron garden decor. Everything is made to order and reasonably priced.

Why Choose Gates Scotland?​


We only have experienced blacksmiths in our Team.  With our experience and a great portfolio for you to choose from we are sure you will make the correct purchase!

Our blacksmiths can fabricate